How I feel spirit energy and demons

so every time I call upon Azazel I get a feeling of pure darkness infernal fire inside of me and it burns also get sexual energy and horny…

when I call Lucifer aka Melek Ta’us the form I see him in I feel warm angelic heavenly love ironic I know since he is a hell infernal being…

when I contact lesser solider demons such as satyrs and seriem goat demons I get a feeling of thousands of eyes watching me…

when I called upon the Christian God YHWH I felt intense hatred malicious and evil energy…

how do you guys feel see spirits if at all???

also when calling Ganesha I felt warm happy child like energy and when calling Kali I felt hot sexual and battle war like energy…


I’ve always pondered working with Ganesha :slight_smile:

Lucifer also feels angelic and warm. Very friendly.

Satan feels wild and free, like he can barely be contained in one area.

And Seere is cool and calming, like an ocean breeze. He’s great. Hail!


Yeah, once I even got threathened with the death by him. As a way to take my vengeance I desecrated (by urinating 3 days in a row on the bible) “the holiness” of a bible that my family used to have somewhere there in the house. It was imbued with my urine, since that I never got any death threath by him. A funny thing is that no one knows what I did.

Yeah, He did that to me even from the first encounter that I had with Him, from the first time I evoked Him. (I was 11 and I was reading The Book Of Azazel and at some point I was determined to evoke Him and I did that) I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first encounter that I had with Him, it was my first (I never evoked an entity before) and one of the most intense and scary ones that I ever had with an entity.

Azazel appeared to me for several times as a satyr of some sorts.

He emmanates around Him a very peaceful, relaxing, sedating atmosphere, it makes me very euphoric. Also Azazel and Lucifer are linked in some way or another, different aspects of the same entity. Azazel led me to some things that led to Lucifer and Lucifer also led me to some things that led to Azazel, that’s not interesting? Another mention would be the fact that Azazel and Lucifer appeared to me in similar ways.


Sallos=Inner peace


azazel is lower and a sort of son to lucifer/satan he is a prince of hell…

azazel also appears as a goat satyr to me as well…

lol at pissing on a bible i thought about buying a crucifix and either burning it or using it as a dildo YHWH hates sodomy…

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ganesha is great so is kali both good eastern gods spirits

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Did He tell you that? That could have been said in a methaphorical way, reffering to the fact that Azazel derived from Lucifer. I don’t know if you understood what I’m trying to say.

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it’s the energy vibe I get from him he was one of the fallen who became a demon and he’s much younger than Lucifer but he is not Lucifer Satan…

Yeah, but ironically the vibes that Lucifer emmanates are angelic and the vibes that Azazel
emmanates are demonic and scary for many, did you think about considering that?

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Azazel is connected with Saturn a more darker force


I feel energies via vibrations. My intuition and location of the shivers I get is kind of a tip off as to which they are.

Kali feels like you’re doing a wardance. You can’t help but have all your chakra pulled into it

Fenrir felt like the Great Hunt the first time, though I was weaker then. My heart started pounding, fight or flight wanted to kick in, tangible drop in my gut. Now, he feels more comfortable, a rumble in the chest.

Not the most reliable way probably, but that’s what I get from the two entities I’m fairly familiar with. Azazel and Lucifer seem to have a direct route to my understanding

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Very true.

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I had some similar experiences as you and posted it here when I first started but nobody answered me so I thought it was just me.

When I first contacted Bune in my first or second evocation ever I got an instant hard on and my back was on fire with energy. i knew that I had made a connection at that point and it was very real.

The whole hard on thing also happened with either lucifer or King paimon I dont remember but The most energy I have felt so far was from that first time with bune. I’m still fairly new to this and have only done evocation

Met Lucifer in the astral for the first time. He’s every bit as glorious and shining as his aura feels.