How I Changed A Boy's Life

How I Changed A Boy’s Life.

I remember the first apprentice I had, he started as a friend and would later become my brother.
He saw me everyday holding beads in my hand whispering whilst listening to people talk as I was counting the beads.

He approached me and asked what I was doing, I told him “I am meditating”.
He looked at me and said “Oh okay cool” a few days later, he walked in on me doing a ritual.
He was like “Damn bro what are you doing in here” I carried on with my ritual and answered him once I was done. “I was doing a ritual” and he just gave me a bizarre look.

Few days later he saw me and sat down and confronted me on all of this.

“Hey man what is it you actually believe in people are saying you do black Magick and shit like that”.

I merely look at him, realising this question was deeper than mere curiosity and I responded.
“Let me answer you’re question with a question, why are you asking me this ?”.

He explained that, he was lost and was seeking a new way of his own existence.
I smiled and I spoke to him about my involvement with Spirituality, Yoga, Tai Chi, Black Magick etc.

He couldn’t believe it, in a flash he immediately responded with.
“Bro can you teach me ?” I looked deep into his eyes, seeing past his ego, past the version of him that he sees in the mirror and that everyone else saw.

“Okay come with me” I responded and i took him for a walk, we went to a stream with flowing water. He has previously seen all my candles, sigils, books, gems, oils etc.

He looked at me and said “Okay do we need anything ?” I responded “You have yourself and the world around you, that’ll be enough”.

I instructed him to sit down and watch the water and breathe in through the nose and out of his mouth. With each inhalation connect with the energy of you’re surroundings and with each exhalation become relaxed, do all this while focusing on the water.

He responded “Why the water ?”.
I told him, “Don’t ask questions ask later, simply do as I have said”. So he did this and I told him to stop he stood up and we spoke about the experience.

He said.
“I kept wondering why you told me to focus on the water” I laughed and he couldn’t understand why. “The more questions we sometimes ask we gain answers sure, then we are left with more questions”. “Meditation is the time where all thought is chucked to the side and the analysis of the mind is left behind you, do it again this time just be there”.

I taught he is not him, nor his thoughts or his body. He connected finally with the water and as I called him he couldn’t hear me. He had fallen deep within himself and within all things, what we refer to as expansion.

So I sat beside him and joined him, we mediated for about 40 minutes, no reason, no questions, just simply being in the moment.
He came back to normal mundane consciousness and he looked at me.

“What the fuck was that” we both laughed and smiled. Here is where he began his Journey a few months down the line. After I had taught him meditation, sigils, mantras, spells etc.

He got a little frustrated and revealed to me he wanted to get with this girl, that he had been crushing on for years.

So I taught him a simple declaration of desire and will, in combination with a candle spell.
Sure enough about a week later he got his first manifestion.

He got back in touch with me, “Bro Bro, I can’t believe it” he was ecstatic over the phone.
I knew what had happened, however I merely humoured him and said “Okay brother slow down, take a couple breaths and explain what’s happened”.

“It worked bro, it actually fucking worked” I began laughing and I responded with “What else did you expect ?”. Now he began talking about he has something he desires something that he’s always wanted but seems impossible.

I responded “Nothing is impossible, look meet me by the circle in an hour” for clarification the circle was a natural stone circle in the words.
A pagan hotspot where even a human sacrifice of royal blood took place.

We met up and he told me he wanted to meet his father. All his family and everyone that knows his father has kept him hidden. They won’t tell him his name, nor will they tell him how to find him, they won’t let him see his dad. This was a situation of spite really.

So I said “Do you really want him in you’re life ?”.
He responded with “Yes”, so I taught him evocation. In literally one day he evoked his first demon, he told the demon his desire and sent the spirit out on the task.

He had been waiting now for about a month and nothing seemed to happening, he became doubtful and frustrated. I told him meet me by the steam and he did, he was babbling on about this isn’t working blah blah.

I told him “Meditate and become the steam” he responded with “Bro can’t we just fix this”.
I responded yet again with “Meditate and become the stream”.

So he did it and I explained “The stream doesn’t desire, nor does it doubt, nor is it frustrated, so become the steam”.

So he did this I gave him a smooth stone the size of a fist. I told him each time he is frustrated or thinks about the ritual or craves result to become the stone in Meditation.

Three days later he’s walking through town with his mother and is introduced to his father, by what seemed like a accidental situation.

He was shocked and he even moved in with his dad and was given the freedom he had always wanted. He rang me up and I responded to him with “Let me guess you met you’re father ?”.

He couldn’t believe it and asked what was this stone, was it blessed is it a magickal stone.
So I told him, “Yes brother it’s a very secretive powerful device” next time you wish too manifest something and are having trouble become the stone.

So he did sigil Magick for money, he began thirsting for results and would turn to the stone and it manifested. He did this with most of his spells and rites at this point he had quite a few manifestion’s and he was happy.

He phoned me one day.
“Bro i got a problem, my dad was cleaning my room and threw out my stone, can you bless another one”.

I responded with
“Just use another stone for now”.
He was like “Okay do you think I’m able to bless it so it’s powerful like the one you gave me ?”.
I laughed and couldn’t hide it from him anymore.
I replied “Bro it’s just a stone, theres nothing special about it”.

He didn’t believe me so I explained.

“It’s a training wheel, it’s a focal point.
A stone isn’t frustrated, nor does it desire, nor does it doubt, it just is and always will be.
I taught you how to attune you’re mind and took you through the process of inner engineering.
What made it all work was you, you’re mind.”

Now this guy is at the level of an adept now, soul traveling, evocations of god’s and demons alike.
Meditations, big rituals etc.

This story I wanted to share with all of you, maybe you’ll understand the principal of it, maybe you won’t. I literally just got off the phone to him about this because he found out, his dad never threw the stone and that he just found it.

So we began reminiscing on the past and I wanted to write about this, for you all to experience.

His words were

“Thank you bro for helping change my life in such a profound way” :slightly_smiling_face:




I wish i have had Such teacher

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Man… I’m about to apply this to my own practice.
Haven’t met the teacher that clicked for me

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Such a great story…You are a great teacher and mentor @C.Kendall

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What an awesome and inspiring story. I needed to read this right now and read it at the right time in my journey. You’re a great person for doing what you do :hugs:

That is a very unique & very Zen approach to not just manifestation but life. Even if one wasn’t attempting a path working, the use of such a device as the stone is a good mental & emotional health tool.

I may just have to use that for myself, & others, in the future. It took me years of meditation practice & study to come to such understanding. Only did I come to that understanding, after I gave up on the practice of regular meditation (trained in Tibetan & Zen forms of meditation). Not because I wasn’t getting results & moments of enlightenment, but because I often found myself being harassed by an unruly spirit which seemed bent on making as reliant upon it as possible. I don’t like bullies, no matter what or who they are. Blackmail doesn’t fly with me.

That last bit was just as much for others (humans) as it was for spirits.