How I broke a Massive 4 Generation Bloodline Curse with Lucifer & Focalor

If you haven’t read the previous post, I highly recommend you read it.

What you will need:

  1. Black candle
  2. Green candle as an offering to Duke Forcalor
  3. Some kind of bell
  4. Oil for anointing the black candle
  5. Lancet for pricking yourself to draw blood
  6. Parchment or blotting paper. If you can’t get any use a piece of kitchen towel
  7. A bowl for burning the paper
  8. Tongs or pliers to hold the paper for burning
  9. Tuna or some kind of fish offering for Focalor
  10. Sandalwood incense (or any will do) as offering
  11. Whisky, tobacco or anything you please as an offering to Focalor
  12. An offering for Lucifer

Some people use no offerings, but I highly recommend offering something.


  1. Banish, Banish, Banish. This is very important
  2. Cleanse the space with sage.
  3. Cast your circle
  4. Call on Lucifer to be present and offer him what you got for him
  5. Evoke Focalor
  6. By now you should be in trance. Theta is best but Alpha works too.
  7. Tell Focalor why you’ve called him and you need his assistance in breaking a Bloodline Curse.
  8. Anoint the black candle and while anointing it visualize and push in all the negative things from your life, every negative emotion must be pushed out. If it takes you 15 minutes then take it, if takes you whatever time, take it. It helps to be rocking back and forth and saying out loud that you’re pushing everything out. At the end of this the candle will feel heavy. I felt mine like a brick.
  9. Set your candle on its stand. DO NOT LIGHT IT YET.
  10. Prick yourself and let more than a few drops ooze out. Let the parchment (or a 2x2 in piece of kitchen towel, do not use toilet paper as it will disintegrate with the moisture) absorb all the blood. There should be at the very least a coin sized blood “stain” on the paper. It should look like a small Japanese flag.
  11. Next say this out loud:

“As I ring the bell Seven times, may this curse be broken in the Name of Lucifer.”

  1. Ring the bell Seven times
  2. Next take the bloodied paper and hold it with tongs. It’s important to not let the blood dry, so make sure there is enough. You will see the moisture in the blood turn to vapour, this is important. Visualize that this sample of your blood contains the blood of your ancestors, it contains the blood of those affected. It is tainted with the curse. Visualize that as you burn the paper the curse is shattered like glass and the shards turn into smoke and vanish into thin air. Visualize Focalor with gleaming yellow eyes destroying the shit out of this curse. As the paper burns feel the curse being lifted.
  3. Pass this paper three times over the top of the flame, make sure it does not burn yet.

Say this before burning the paper.

“ Duke Forcalor of the Infernal Empire, I ask that you purify my bloodline. I offer the blood of my ancestors to you for cleansing, may the fire from your flame purify this blood and may we all be free of this curse.”

Burn this paper in the GREEN candle that was offered to Focalor. This is important. Make sure you use tongs as the paper must burn in its entirety. Be extra careful that the moist patch of your blood burns as well, that part may not burn easily because its still wet.
Upon completion of the ritual, release the ashes in the wind outside.
15. Once the paper has burnt then light the black candle. Say this out loud while you light it.

“As I burn this black candle, may all the pain, the suffering, the despair, the gloom be burnt with it, Focalor take away the malaise, take away the malady, take away everything that does not serve my bloodline and destroy it mighty Infernal Duke, this I ask in Lucifer’s name”

  1. Let the candles burn in the back. Close your eyes and meditate. By now you should’ve released all the negativity from inside you. If you still feel something, gather it into a ball in front of you, once there is nothing left, hand it over to Focalor to destroy.
  2. Close the ritual, bid your farewells and license to depart etc etc.
  3. Banish!! No matter how drained you feel and you will feel drained, you must banish before you leave. I also burnt sage after and asked my Djinn Familiar to banish as well.
  4. DO NOT eat or drink anything, do not touch anyone, no hugging family or anything. Don’t even smoke a cigarette (basically minimal energy transfer) Go straight to your bathroom. If you have a bathtub then that’s awesome, draw a salt bath and soak in it for a bit. If you do not have a bathtub, get a bucket filled with water and throw in a bunch of seasalt and pour it over you. Also throw some salt water on your ritual clothes so that they are cleansed too. Make sure you have your towel and a this setup ready BEFORE the ritual so you can go straight to a cleanse. I also like to move out the cotton floor mats that I may step on before I cleanse. I know this may sound excessive, but this is what I do. You may do it another way. But what’s important is the cleanse.
  5. KNOW that the curse is lifted. it is DONE. it is Fucking Done. Own that shit. You won. know this.

What did I see and feel in the ritual?

  1. I’ve been evoking Forcalor for a while now, but in this particular one he came as a very heavy blanket, very dark (non threatening to me). He was SCARY, but not to me. I felt a protective energy around me when he came.
  2. You WILL KNOW Focalor is present. His energy is different.
  3. King Paimon who is present in all my Evocations had a very serene look on his face, this is different from usual. The familiars for protection that I usually have all had serene looks. Everyone was standing and observing intently instead of going in and out like the usually do. Their faces were lit up by the glow of fire.
  4. BEFORE the ritual, Focalor came to me in my meditation and there was a huge bat like entity about to attack me, he beheaded it and burnt it in front of me.
  5. The black candle burnt heavily, very heavily with a massive flame. This brand of candles usually leaves a lot of residue, this time the black candle burnt out COMPLETELY, there was no residue. The same happened to Focalors green candle. This has never happened before and has never happened after. Same candles, same brand, same colour.
  6. Midway through, Focalor’s candle split into THREE flames. The candle has one wick, so logically there should be one flame. This one had three. I have pictures and video, because no one would believe me otherwise.
  7. I felt an entity being tortured, muffled screams and then something crushed. Good.
  8. Once I got done I felt really drained. Resist the temptation to eat or drink.

How do you know the curse is broken:

  1. Divine, if you’re good with that, if not ask someone.
  2. In my case Prince Orobas confirmed through Mike.
  3. My own Patron King Paimon confirmed it.
  4. You will feel lighter, like a dark cloud has lifted. You may feel like you’ve been unplugged from something.
  5. Your nightmares will end.
  6. There will be some upheaval before things settle. In my case I had a HUGE fight with my parents, one of the biggest ever. BUT towards the end of the fight we got closure on several long standing issues and things are much much better now.
  7. I also had a huge fight with my spouse. Went on for a few hours (not physical, we don’t do that). Towards the end we “miraculously” had closure on long standing issues and we are closer than we’ve ever been.
  8. More work opportunities.
  9. This is a big one. My clairs which weren’t open to where I’d like them to be are opening at an astronomical rate.
  10. Spirit communication is much stronger and clearer.
  11. Obsessive thoughts are at a bare minimum, almost gone.
  12. Random odours are gone.
  13. Bed doesn’t vibrate like someone is on it at random times.
  14. I don’t cheat on my diets AT ALL.
  15. I’m not so tired anymore.
  16. My kids are displaying clair abilities at a very young age.
  17. Legal matters are moving faster.
  18. My magick manifests FAST.
  19. Minimal negative thoughts.
  20. Increased confidence.
  21. People are friendlier.

If you have never worked with Forcalor before, I highly recommend you going through and implementing my “Bulletproof Preparatory Immersion” for Focalor.

This will acclimate you to his energy and him to yours. He will also take notice of you BEFORE you call on him.

I’m attaching the link here for easy reference.

Most importantly this is not something you do on impulse. Plan this, prepare, prepare mentally and smash the curse.

I didn’t plan the moon phase because I usually don’t. But when I came out of ritual I noticed that it was a Full Moon night.

Best if you do this on a Full Moon.

I wish you the best.



This is great stuff @Kindraathe . Thank you for sharing it. I am definitely going to put this to use. What oil would you recommend to anoint the candle with?
Also do you find that the curse is broken just within yourself and your ‘own’ family such as offspring or would it also automatically extend to other family members that you don’t have much to do with for whatever reasons.


@anon72381092 do let me know how it goes.

Honestly I did it with the intention of breaking the entire curse. In reality only me and my immediate family matters.

However considering that the entity that was causing this is destroyed, I’m guessing it’s broken for the entire extended family.

Also I think it’s best if you intend the curse is broken in its entirety, this is because you don’t want any remnants of this lingering around.

In my case the person who cursed is no more. If they indeed were around. I would do a separate death curse on them so they can be obliterated and never try this nonsense again on me or anyone else.

I would not send back a Bloodline Curse on them, because I personally do not believe anyone else who doesn’t know what’s going on suffer through such a thing. What would I gain from making an innocent child suffer? But that’s just my opinion and not binding on anyone else.

You could use olive oil. I just used regular cooking oil.


I would do the same. Generational curses are like dropping a bomb on an area. That person doesn’t care about collateral damage or may even welcome it. I believe in “an eye for an eye” but if you decide to bring innocent people into it… Expect them to defend themselves accordingly.

Your entire post reminds me of my first journal entry. I knew someone battling a generational curse too. I will definitely bookmark your post.


Thank you so much for sharing this.
I’m glad you found success with this ritual, of course the black sheep of the family had to do it :smiley:


This ritual looks very useful my family is very chaotic ,there have been many disputes for land in last 5 yrs members of my family died some were very young i even lost my dad 3 yrs ago my senses are developing once i open my clairaudience ill do the ritual thanks :love_you_gesture::fire:

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Exactly!! And the collateral damage was us. It was a little frustrating not being able to punish the offending person but I am not going to do what they did and make innocents suffer.

Thank you for sharing your journal. I am going to read it. I’m always up for reading interesting material.

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Haha that’s true, the majority of us on this forum are black sheep, that’s my guess :person_tipping_hand:t4::person_tipping_hand:t4:

You don’t need to wait till your senses are fully developed. It could be quick or could take a while. I wouldn’t suffer through all this just for the need for fully open senses. Two way communication isn’t fully necessary for this ritual. Since you’re not asking questions.

All you need is thorough preperation, you could divine after for the success of the ritual.

I would divine first to ensure that you’re indeed cursed. There is no harm in getting second or third or fourth opinions.


Since i belong from brahmin family i can’t give forcalor fish as a offering can u suggest an alternative?

In that case anything you offer with intention and emotion should work. He likes fish, but if you have limitations then work in those.

Also if you’re from a Brahmin family, know that this is a 100% LHP Infernal ritual. Are your beliefs aligned enough for you to completely trust and go ahead with this?

If the person that has cursed you is still alive there may be spillover on them. Forcalor is known for causing death and destruction amongst other things such as protection. Are you ok with that?

These don’t need to be answered here in public. These are just things for you to consider in private. Something I would ponder on before going through with this.

Forcalor is not a spirit to be trifled with. Not even close. This is why I suggested the preparatory immersion process. It will acclimate you both to each others’ energies. Also Forcalor gives you some intense and difficult dreams. Also very cryptic. So you must be able to integrate that.


Super important question!

I see too many people who wouldn’t “pull the trigger” themselves but want a spirit to do it for them. If you wouldn’t do it with the opportunity, you’re not going to feel very good when a spirit kills someone (if it works with that type of wishy-washy intention).

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I really don’t care about being brahmin coz it has bring nothing good for me honestly i really don’t know if that person is alive or my family is really cursed but the events that happened really fit the description you gave like almost every one of em lol how can i know if im my bloodline is cursed should i do a divinations?
And yeah i would like to obliterate the person who cursed us if he really did. No harm to his children and other members tho if the person is ded ill just remove the curse.

This, this right here!! Words of wisdom.


Magick is a battle of wills and intents. The spirit is merely taking that and using its expertise into making it happen. It’s like a carrier. A spirit acts like a heat seeking missile. If the variables change then our will is directed accordingly.

If the practitioner is not really sure or gets cold feet then what is intended may or may not happen. When one is unsure, the “ammo” from the spirit is pulled back. How are they going to fire without full ammo?

Ok sure.

Yes divine. If you cannot, then ask someone to do it for you.


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Basically i should never doubt my results or never feel insecure about whether it succeeded or not
So true thanks for the wisdom friend glad i joined this forum lots of info here​:smile::ok_hand:.

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This was an incredible read. I honestly believe my family has a 4 generational curse!!! Everything you said, EVERYTHING. It’s so insane, I’ve never been able to relate to someone so much. I am also the ONLY black sheep among my mother’s side of the family. I am 100% my father’s daughter, but we don’t have the type of relationship I would like to have. This is something I am definitely planning to perform, but I have so much to learn about first. I have many questions. I need some resources to learn about who the important entities are and what they stand for / how they help. I’m honestly clueless.

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You do need a little bit of experience and understanding of how magick works. Especially working with spirits.

I’ve mentioned Forcalor here, he isn’t a spirit for absolute beginners. However with a good preparatory immersion you can get an idea of his energy.

This forum has several resources on getting started for beginners. I suggest you read those in detail. I would also recommend starting work on opening your Psychic senses. That IMO is very important. That’s how you know what the spirits are saying to you.


Yes, that’s why I’ve been asking questions and trying to gain as much reading material as I can to prepare. I don’t want to just say I’m ready and jump in because who knows what could happen. When I decide to carry out the ritual I want to be confident and fully prepared for what’s in store. I wouldn’t call upon anyone just because I was told to do so without have even heard of them before. I want to be as careful and respectful as possible. Thank you.

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All Hail Focalor!!!

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