How has your life changed?

Title is self explanatory. How has your life changed since you started magic? How did it change your relationships with family? Friends? yourself? What have you gained from it? Lost? Do you regret ever starting? Was it worth it? Did you get everything you wanted? I really want to know how everyones journey has been, I’m about to embark on mine.


As for me, in many ways worse. In other ways, better. Just remain focused on your goal. Be willing and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Just like everything else in life, you must work hard and struggle to get what you want.



I ‘started’ in my very early teens, as best I could at that age. A lot has changed. My family has known for decades, but I keep the details private. Some of my friends know and some showed some short term interest. I’ve also seen some really tragic cases on both paths.

I have lost an immense amount. This is none of your business. I have gained some skills, either Magickal or affected by Magick. I have gained a different apprehension of time and what lies outside of the five, limited human senses. Sometimes I deeply regret ever starting, but I had no real choice.

No, it hasn’t been worth it. If I had my time over, knowing what I now know, I would have to do what I did. No choice. Obviously I never got what I wanted, but I’m still getting damaging revenge. It’s a work in progress I fear I will lose. Them’s the breaks with Aeonic Magick.

If you’re about to embark on your lhp journey I wish you all the very best. The road is long and there are so many more of them than us. I recommend Chaos Magic, particularity Liber Null & Psychonaut and The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino, particularly the Appendices (enough there for several lifetimes).

Ave Satanas! Satanas Dominus Terra!


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My life has evolved. I have become more confident in myself. I got a job after both hard work searching and asking for help from spirits. I’m not in pain as much as I once was. Magic has been the most helpful tool to me thus far. I will continue its study for wisdom and change when needed. There is still a lot I desire but I’m taking small steps for change. I’ve changed my way of approaching life and it’s healthier for me.

Can you elaborate why you thought “it was not worth it?” Aeonick Magick is how they get you. Learning that from what I know is how one can make it more worth it. But your right, there is alot more of them than you.

I got involved in rhp Magick when young. Later I had a comfortable professional career and the usual things that come with that. I was also engaged to my common law wife with the aim of both of us living very comfortably. I admit that (ritual) Magick was low on my priority list at this time.

A few weeks short of twenty years ago I was contacted in my professional capacity with information. Three years later I was destroyed. Before my destruction and loss of everything I started to realise the Magickal nature of what I was doing. Later on that became more obvious.

If I hadn’t become involved I’d be doing well now, as would my wife. But she is doing well now with a new life, career and family. If I’d have succeeded you wouldn’t have been able to see Aussie bums for all of the economic dust. There would have also been international consequences – which explains why I lost.

I turned nasty – Real Fucking Nasty! I learnt that human beings are worth about a dime a dozen, on the hoof. If there’s collateral damage in a Magickal operation, as the late Justice Graham Hill used to ask, “So what?” (I understand that there was an open coronial finding.)



For myself, so far, yes. But that is an impossible question to answer in total as I still have life in me.


Interesting, sometimes boring, sometimes difficult, sometimes terrifying; magick is life, so pretty much anything goes, same as people who do not have a practice.

The most simple and relevant way I can answer that is “I can never look at anything the same as I did before.”

Not for the better. I have found it very difficult to relate to many people and also have a difficult time making lasting emotional connections with all but a few. The perspective attained from my personal practice is definitely a factor in this. As for myself, it has been empowering overall. Don’t worry, you can FUBAR your relationships with family and friends without ever even knowing about magick, lol.