How hard is it to break up a couple?

There’s this girl I like who works in the same mall I do and she seems really nice and intrested but she has a bf and won’t let me get her number.

You can literally hear her disappointment in her voice when she says she can’t.

I see this girl almost everyday and we’ve chatted a few times. Normally I’d move on but she’s really my type because I don’t like prissy normie type chicks.

I guess we want what we can’t have. How hard would it be to break her up with her current boyfriend if they’re close ?

Sounds more like you want her to have disappointment in her voice lol. Her being unable to give it to you and the tone of her voice could also be her trying to let you down softly.

Anyway depends on the bond between them that determines how hard it may or may not be. Along with how much dedication is put into the process of doing such. When I broke up my friend from his relationship (it was pretty toxic co-dependency) it was fairly easy but it ended on a sour note between them which was fine with me.


I have an easy solution: evoke Asmoday/asmodeus to break up with her bf and fall for you. ask asmoday to bind her to you. of course offer asmoday wine or blood. an offering is needed.

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You are violating the bro code dude


She wouldn’t constantly smile and giggle with dilated pupils when we talk if she wasn’t Atleast attracted somewhat.

Idk man I make girls do the same thing but they’re all friends lol but yeah if you want to break them up you can look into Lilith, Sitri, Zepar, among other entities.

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hmmm isn’t asmoday like belial in that hes sarcastic and speaks in riddles ?

I heard his presence is strong and seeing strong results that contact is made might be what I need to get back into magick seriously again

I honestly got discouraged awhile back because nothing was happening and it felt like no contact was being made

You cannot want something that you truly cannot have. It might seem that way at times but that is due to your individual patterns of consciousness.
Do not try to break them up but just focus on being together with her. The purer, i.e. less conflicting, the focus on being with her, the easier and faster you get to experience it. Worst case, if your limiting belief of her being with another hinders you enough, you’ll still get someone else who is similar or even better.

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How hard it is depends on the circumstances. How serious are they, do they live together, is one of them more in love with the other, are they under any pressure from family or friends, etc.?

Before doing anything else, why not do some divination to see if she’s even right for you and if you will ever have a chance with her? If she’s not, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. (Also, who knows - they might break up on their own. Sometimes you just need to be patient.)


When these threads appear I always grab some popcorn. I don’t really follow the stories, so I don’t know about all the outcomes, but something I have seen in my surroundings, is that magicians put their intention into “breaking THE COUPLE” and they succeed, but immediately after, the guy and the gal keep meeting each other to have sex, but not as a couple, just casual, despite the gal promising the magician not to see the guy anymore. Life is a great black comedy, and I know Astaroth never misses an episode :heart:

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