How good is Lord Asmodeus for a speedy breakup

As the question suggests, i want to know how good Lord Asmodeus is for a speedy and permanent breakup? (breaking up an ex and the new guy and taking her back from him for good reason).
I already worship him and give him offerings and he does respond.

any other demon suggestions?

Also can i have ritual suggestions which involve him for aforementioned intent.

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I called Andras and Leraje to break up a couple. I have a child with the guy, and his new relationship interfered with our coparenting to the point where he never saw our child and barely stayed in touch with me. I called them both together, asked if they would work together to break them up, made offerings before and after and that was that. It took about 3 weeks or so. My child’s father called me a few days ago to let me know they were done and he moved out. I also did the ritual to break up a couple from Magick Attack as well.

As far as Asmoday, I’ve read where it took between a few days to a few months to break up a couple. I would say it just depends on the circumstances. Since he answers you maybe do some divination to see if there are any blocks or obstacles or if it’s something to pursue.

Good luck.


Sounds amazing, so you just asked leraje and Andras to go it went then offered them stuff eh?

Also magickal attack by Gordon winterfield, the 33 day one?

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Amon? Doesn’t he cause love?

I called them both together, first Andras then Leraje and asked if they would help me. Once agreed, I made offerings then when I received confirmation from target, I made more offerings to fulfill my end. I started the 33 day ritual last month but something told me to call on Andras & Leraje. It wasn’t just to break them up there was more to the work but I’m just happy it worked.


Well, I haven’t dated anyone in nearly seven years, but Asmodeus, Sitri, Belith would be helpful to you. Amon as well. Good luck!!


i see, may i know what offerings you made

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I offered them both a purple candle and a drop of blood on their seals before, purple candle and a drop of blood along with public praise afterwards.