How good is it to learn Spirituality / occult from Powerful Spirits or Gods? Share UR experience

I once heard a story of a physics student in University where The professor and him discussed Some theory for 4-5 hours straight, Then after leaving the professor forgot to tell something important so he immediately Emailed him. After checking the email that evening he had some epiphany about the subject so he immediately emailed him back. That night the professor after reading the email though it was genuinely of value and had another 2-3 hours of conversation about the subject via phone.

TO ME THAT IS HOW A TEACHER SHOULD BE, always willing to share, completely open up when ever there is a possibility that the other person can get some insight about it.

So, if a good human teacher/professor can be like this, I expect A High Spirit to be better than this in every respect. And obviously A cosmic Level God/Goddess should be better than any Given spirit in every respect.

I have almost given up on getting a Genuine Guru/Teacher and now thinking on Working with Spirits/ Gods to fill the role. But I do have my Doubts,

E.A got Azazel’s Sword after working with him for almost 20 years on a daily basis ( And I hope I am not committing blasphemy here ), To me that’s not opening up as A teacher , always willing to share all he knows. And I am not going to be satisfied with some cryptic sentences an my next homework for the whole week.

SO what do you think about this, Is it worth it? What is your experience in this regard?


I would say it depends on the spirit in question. I would recommend one that you really vibe with deeply if it is going to be long term thing and not towards some singular shorter term goal or knowledge. They will all likely do things differently with different levels of involvement so finding one you sync with well on a deep level more than likely means you are compatible enough to actually get good stuff out of it.

Most of my knowledge was taught first by books I was led to or given to first teach the basic concepts and the easy do it yourself parts and then after the basic open material was taken in I was taught by my patron or beings associated with her the hidden stuff that books couldn’t communicate but would have been hard to teach without the background knowledge and definitions the books supplied. Think of it like trying to apprentice to a master blacksmith. That blacksmith probably wants you to have a basic idea of what the hell things are without having to teach you how to start a fire or the difference between iron and steel and will probably have you study in more open classes or sources to a certain point before taking you to teach you the hidden secrets building off that. Others might teach you from complete scratch not caring if you have the background knowledge or not.

Lately my patron cannot teach me much more at this stage towards what I want and it seems Loki has taken an interest in moving things along and his methods are similar in nature, hands on mental and astral things through dreams and then toss you into the fire but much of what I learn with Loki is more ingrained as instinctual knowledge than technical knowledge which is where it differs the content being dealt with even if through similar means is vastly different and with a far different style. I seem to attract the trial by fire stuff fairly often. Along the way you learn from many other sources on smaller scales of course sometimes related and sometimes completely unrelated. It is worth it if that is how you want to learn or need to learn but you can also work with raw forces and powers at a point as well and probably will do that too.


Ok, What if I ask the entity for SPECIFIC INFORMATION, something like THE OINTMENT TO ATTAIN INVISIBILITY, doesn’t matter if it includes gouging my dog’s eyes off while she is still alive and mixing it with some herbs? Will I be given the Info or will be told something like ’ U R not ready yet ’ or ’ That’s not in the syllabus ’ ???

Also what’s the difference between - If I have a pact ( or something like that ) for permanent companionship with the entity and I just evoked him/her and asked for knowledge/ techniques ? ( I think the later also have the risk of getting bound into pacts unknowingly )


The teacher is only as good as the willingness of the one it is taught to.


Depends on the entity but if you are asking for specific information then they will tell you or tell you how to get there but you might not understand. You can have a contract with them to teach you specifically in that skill until you are ready in that case what they teach will most likely be limited to the skill you want and prerequisites.

The difference between a long term contract and just evoking them is the time scale involved and the depth of the work. It is basically the difference between paying for walk in weekend classes on something versus signing a college contract to study a specific field everyday. It can also guarantee some measure of conduct over the long term but that depends on the wording of the contract itself and the oaths both parties take.


I guess that would depend on your intent. Why do you want to be invisible? I’ve read accounts where people say that spirits even ignore their request or just laugh.

I assume we get riddles and cryptic messages because the spirits are either pushing you toward something or drawing something out of you, as a teacher should. It’s fucking annoying though because it seems to almost never work on our speed.

This might be the initial allure of working with demons before coming to an understanding about forging spirit relationships and timing.


Lol, that was an example, I don’t want to be invisible. Thanks for replying. Really appreciate it.


I know. I was using it as an example too.

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I did shadow work with Lilith, shortly after she popped up in my life. Was the hardest thing I ever did. Everything fell apart including my marriage. Almost flunked out of law school. It was also the best thing I ever did. I thought I knew myself, but damn was I wrong. My way was just to never think about the shitty stuff that happened in my life, caused by stupid decisions and it would just be forgotten. I had no idea how much my shadows were influencing my behavior. She is a great teacher. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s very much like talking to any other highly skilled professional. They will speak all day if it’s something they are passionate about, but if you have no frame of reference for it, then it all sounds like noise. A foundation is needed to build a house type of thing.

It’s also going to depend on what you want, how you learn, how much effort you put into advancing yourself. If you want a long term mentor, put that intention out and those who are interested will show up. From there I’d choose whoever vibes with you and what you NEED most.

Notice I said what you need…not what you want. This requires you to know how you learn best. For myself I prefer a spirit who knows exactly when to push and challenge, and when to nurture and show warmth. A sense of humor for me is a must as was someone who would put up with my core nature, which can be childish at times, obsessive, abusive, and self destructive at others. Basically I need a firm Mother/Father type rather than a boss or business partner.

Other people work well with different dynamics. Keep in mind these spirits don’t require food, or sleep, all time for them is present and currently happening. You will get back more than you put in, but never take that for granted. Some require devotional work, others are more relaxed or not as involved. Some have a very controlling or demanding nature, others sweet patient and loving. Make sure you find a good fit for you. Might want to check out Orobas for starters. You might like his style.