How far CAN Belial go?

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As per my experience he can help relate to finance, career, legal trouble, protection and to build confidence in social circle.

He saved me from a serious legal trouble, still can’t forget that night and it was very intense the way he showed up. Without his help I could have ended up in Jail

I call him during my interview with employers and salary negotiate and always get selected by them with above expectation. He helped to get rid of abusive co workers too

Being introvert it’s very difficult to show my presence and confidence in social/corporate gathering. He helps me to get attention from top level senior managements. Same goes for opposite sex.


Congratulations!!! :clap::clap::clap:
You just kicked her ass!
Love that the students get to revel in the success high as well!

Now this reminds me, motivates me and encourages me to call on the great King Belial once again! Thanks for always pointing me to his direction.

Happy for you!

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Congratulations to the kids too… They helped :slight_smile:

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Oh for sure…In fact, I’d say they did most of the work. I knew they were plenty smart enough, put the time in, and knew what they needed to know.

But that doesn’t always carry over into test day. In fact, most of the time it doesn’t (for a variety of reasons)

I wasn’t asking THE BIG GUY to make them smarter or do the work for them - I was asking him to break the bonds that were preventing them from performing up to their potential on game day!

But, I’m glad you said that in your comment because it does need to be emphasized for a variety of reasons. The kids did the work - and that’s precisely why the request wasn’t too out of hand or unattainable. (even though it is some pretty outrageous results and a testament to Belial’s power.)

Agree completely
While not a teacher some of my closest childhood friends are

The stories I have heard about “teaching to the test and teacher merit based in the State Standard tests

Sometimes the nurses stories are less disgusting and “humans need to die”

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