How far can Bael’s power of concealing go?

Anyone who is close with Bael, I would appreciate your advice. How far can Bael’s concealment go to hide something?

A first situation, let’s say I want a relationship to kind of fizzle out naturally, and for this person to never try to reach me again or involve themselves in my life. Is there anything Bael can do to make them lose all interest in me for the rest of their life, not holding any resentment or anything to try and hurt me in the future?

A second situation, let’s say you are getting doxxed by some random kid from PS4. Apart from taking legal action, would Bael be able to help you with this? Can he hide this dox information persay, making it so that the doxxer will try to share it but hardly anyone will ever notice? Or could he simply make the person not care about trying to hurt them anymore or something? Is this possible if you don’t know the name or the appearance of your target?

…maybe talk to Bael and ask him. You might the best answer that way. Good luck💐

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Thank you. So, I am guessing that the magic is more of a reflection of the user than anything else? Like one could achieve more results using the spirit of their dead cousin than evoking Lucifer or something, if their connection is there?