How does Voodoo doll spell work?

Can anyone explain the process in detail,how voodoo doll spell works?

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A voodoo doll is more like a physical construct or focal point of an individual using a image or strand of hair or anything that belongs to them as it has their energy on it. Voodoo dolls in and of themselves are not spells.

You can use the voodoo doll as a focal point for spells on the person in question but they themselves are not a spell.


How does it affect the person?

Again that depends on the spell used on the voodoo doll. The doll exists as a physical link to the person.

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Hmmm interesting

Just make up your own spell. It is your power that matters. Words don’t mean sh*t.

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Uh…most voodo doll spells are made up…I think the point was how do voodoo dolls work.

The hair,nails, clothes has the victim energy imprint,that energy is used to curse the i right here?

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If you’re using physical items yes, those things have the person’s energy attached to them

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I know you can add spirit powder if you don’t have personal concerns of the person ni it would work just fine …. But I have a question can I make the doll days prior the spell or it ha to be done at the same time ???

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You can make it prior. As they were saying above it isn’t part of the spell. Just a place to point it at so you hit your intended target.

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