How does transmutation work?


Say somoene would like to become said soul in afterlife.
Eg, Hindu avatar, or in greek heaven.

How, what does one need to know and do for this?

I am curious.

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People are quite peculiar on this forum and literally every forum-type website out there. People have viewed your post, but not the same number of people are responding, I will however :thinking:

I don’t personally know much about transmutation of this kind, google thinks you’re after info on nuclear transmutation when you google the word, however in a spiritual sense, this is what I found that would answer your question the quickest:


Being allowed in greek heaven and other pantheon places depends on if those Gods accept you into it.

If you mean soul transmutation you petition a God or Goddess in a request to transmute your soul into something other than what it is (personally suggest finding out first) and they choose to accept or not.


Alright, thanks guys

@Max_Gun the more you know and learn, the better the Ascension. The transmutation takes place later willingly but also with the help of a deity like Hades, a Watcher like Azazel or a mighty spirit. Would be awesome if you discover the name of your soul and drawing there are lots of hints about the further Evolution.

The closest thing I can think of would be self-deification via ascension. E.g. the Gatekeeper ritual, followed by pathworking the 9 Gatekeepers, etc.

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