How does this statue feel? What do you sense




Hmmm interesting very interesting

Arcahetan nice Pice of artwork ! but to be honest i dont really feel any thing els from it.
What have you experienced from it though ?

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Hmmmm after I’m done with family I have to do something with the statue and repost it again

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it remaids me of the dark goddess lilith

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Very interesting

It reminds me of Naamah


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I was thinking Arachne and lilith

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Yes it’s a idol for lady Sepheranz

I’m thinking making it stronger tonight

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This the same spider I dreamed last night.

Really? How was it and I had some dreams kinda like that too

Well… in my dream the spider is attacking my dog and me and then I woke up.

Damn I never had any of those dreams

you know seeing this rememinded me and gave me the same vibes of a dream i had where there was this like 15 foot spider with alot of legs and big glowing eyes

I sense a spooky halloween decoration.

I had a similar dream like that but the eyes were. Glow red but it was right by side my bed