How does the devil benefit from a soul deal?

If I was to sell my soul to the devil how would he benefit from this deal? What can the devil do with a soul to benefit?

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u cant sell your soul cause u dont own it

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Selling your soul to the devil is more of a popculture thing.
“The Devil” is more of an archetype or title than one singular being. Selling your soul is not something I’ve heard about in serious occult circle. It’s more likely you dedicate yourself completely to a certain spiritual current and “taint” your soul accordingly. Corresponding entities might respect you more for it and offer you more assistance.

More likely someone decides to make a pact with an entity. That is more like writing up a contract. After establishing a relationship with the entity, you ask something from the entity and you give something to or do something for the entity. No soul selling, but selling your time and effort.

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The soul is a powerful source of energy. The devil does with the soul what he does with other sacrifices, use it to his benefit.

What benefit? The emersion of the spirit world in to our plane of existence. Just as we strive to be Gods, they strive for the physical.

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Just as the body can be sold to slavery likewise for the soul until it is used up and reduced to another demon or similar lesser being.

I know a black magician that tried to sell his soul to the Satan

Satan told him the soul isn’t something that can be soled

From my experience what’s really soled out is the body of the soul, if the lower self does things that fragment the human soul complex, it will disconnect it from the higher self and from heaven, thats why you have to keep the heart pure and light like a feather. Those that cannot do this go to “hell” which is just their own unconscious that leads to the collective unconscious which becomes hell, they’re basically reflecting on themselves.

Once you trascend the karma, you will naturally dissolve that energy

But the devil isn’t really beyond you, the devil energy comes from the work “Devi” which is the goddess, the Shakti force of the earth

If there’s too much earth energy you will naturally become greedy, narcissistic, devilish etc.

So you have to raise the earth energy and descend the heaven energy into the heart chakra to form the rainbow bridge obliterate the duality these forces exist in, these archetypes that exist beyond time and space, they are primordial so they are singular entities.

That’s why Lucifer MO us know thyself because only through knowing yourself can you become the Union between the primordial archetypes, that is why he is the prince of darkness, the cosmic soul that is the black flame is basically light/fire and darkness as one, which is golden solar alchemy of Lucifer, you are the eye of god living as the dual energies of the primordial light and darkness.

Balance is key, as long as you maintain this balance, you won’t sell out into the collective unconscious

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Orlee Stewart sold her soul to Satan. Im sure she has a video about it on her channel.