How does spirit sex work, exactly?

I know this is pretty basic, but Search failed me. So i’m sorry if this has been answered before.

-During spirit sex, do the spirits interact with your physical body at any point? Or do they just stimulate your astral body and the sensations get “transferred“ to your physical shell?

My body is more often than not in a less than ideal condition due to health and various other factors. But I do try and stay healthy in spirit by dealing with negative emotions as and when they come up. As a result, There are a lot of times I feel that my astral body is just “cleaner” than it’s physical counterpart. I want to present the best version of myself when I approach a potential partner. The perceived inability to do so has been one of my biggest hurdles so far.

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It depends on how “attuned” you are to the spiritual world. Sometimes it may seem like they are right on top of you, other times it feels less intense. For me, I can feel it physically, but to others it may not. There is only one way to find out.


It involves Tantra and intention from the Magus.