How does planetary sigil magick work?a few questions

I think there are 3 sigils linked to each planet: a planet seal, a sigil of a spirit, and a intelligence´s.

*Are these 3 glyphs to be used together in one sigil when you work with each planet?

*It is said that planet spirits might be a bit dangerous for not experienced magicians, or at least not easy to manage. Is it so? If yes, would using always together intelligence and spirit a safe way?
*Does this planetary sigil magick work in the same way as Spare sigils?

There’s book called Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.:D.:
Chapeter 9 is about planetary sigils… might be worth checking


It’s quite practical to use planets as forces.

The normal mode of magickal work is to take a symbol and, through invocations, discover the nature of the magickal energy associated with it. The “Archer” technique reverses this: one starts with the perceived effects of magickal “energies" (the astrological powers of the planets) and works backwards to perceive the energies directly, and to associate them with the appropriate symbols.

The premises behind the technique are standard astrological assumptions:

First, that each human being is a microcosmic reflection of the state of the universe at the moment of his/her birth, and that the major cosmic influences at that moment (i.e., the planets, signs, and houses of the natal chart) are reflected in the person’s character and perceptions.

Second, that as the planets’ continued real-time movements bring them into certain angular relationships to the natal chart (called “transits”) they produce consistent, detectable effects on the person’s perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

Given these premises, it should be possible for a person with basic astrological knowledge (and a moderate talent for introspection) to learn to sort out the astrological energies that are affecting him at any given moment. The actual development of the technique wasn’t so straightforward.

I had really started with the fact that at certain times, my thoughts and feelings were stimulated in ways that didn’t have any connection with the situations I was in, or with any obvious environmental factors. I had started classifying these moments according to their content and general “feel” of cosmic identity.


Try to start working with the one who is more attuned to you astrologically and the rest will develope itself almost like naturally

Thanks for your answers.

However, I am also interested in the aspect of working with sigils only of the intelligence, or combined with the spirit, or only the seal of the planet, as I have read that spirit may have some risk.

Nope if you feel that you are afraid or insecure about don’t try as because fear is a hurrible vibration which attracts parasites