How does one go about working with the 72 demons of Solomon?

One of my friends; exorcist and demonologist has told me to bind all 72 demons to rid them of their influence and that I must use protection while communicating with them and bind them in order of rank and number.

Do you necessarily have to use the circle of solomon and the triangle of solomon to work with them? How would a beginner go about working with them?


That seems a little excessive to me also counterproductive if you actually want them to do anything for you.


That all depends on the magician’s personal belief system, if someone believes the entities they are attempting to summon are malevolent then by all means pull out all the stops for no other reason than to show that person yes they can evoke spirits and to eventually show them that most of it is completely unnecessary.

If not then all one really needs is the name and sigil of a spirit and their good to go.


So all I would really need to do is have their name and sigil to work with them or begin to work with them really?

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You think so?

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Nope. You don’t need to bind them either.

The same way you evoke any other Entity. You can find many posts about evocation here on BALG (magnifying glass top right, tap on it and type “evocation”)
Most of us in here we simply go into TGS and open their seal. No protection, no bindings, no threats, no tools. And some others prefer the meditative evocation which is also really good.


Pretty much yes, i’ve noticed with most new to evocation the two main things they struggle with is not trusting themselves and thinking all this is a 100 times harder then it really is, once they get over that and have learned what to bypass in “Ceremonial magick” then everything goes a lot smoother for them.

Do you know how to open and use a sigil?

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For the most part I do, I’ve worked with the Olympic spirits before

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I would strongly recommend against listening to your friend in future: it sounds as though they haven’t got even the faintest clue about working with demons.
I recommend evoking them without protective rites. Just search for evocation, here on the forum. There’s loads of guides and discussions on it.


So, the only demon I have worked with prior to all of this was Asmoday-made a pact with him, simple pact, to control lust I give part of my sexual energy to him.

Earlier today I had called upon King Paimon and Glasya-Labolas. Glasya-Labolas had been on my mind for some time, for about a month and I suppose for a good enough reason and when I let him go in peace he told me “You’ll come back in time” he has quite the raspy voice and acted how I suspected he might.

King Paimon spoke like royalty and addressed a couple of issues I had in my mind at the time and as soon as I asked him to speak he asked me “What are your intentions?” and eventually unlocked the part of my mind attributed with him.


I’ve never worked with any of them until just recently. I got that app that someone created and posted about here, searched ‘revenge’, and found one named Furfur.

Around a year or some time ago an extremely powerful 12ft tall berserker looking god-man and all his devotees forced me to start warshipping him. His presence was laser intense with massive gravity, heavily on edge. He reached into my stomach area on my left side and pulled something out of me. For a long time I’ve had an energetic clog there. I think he wants me to focus on that spot.

He told me in this deep raspy giant voice, whispered to ‘Call me Fur Sir’. At that time when I had the dream I had been delving deep into the volcanic God current and working with Surtr, and I took that dream as Surtr or some volcanic force coming to me in that form.

So when I saw that there was a demon who specializes in the subconscious and is able to help with the destruction of enemies, named Furfur, I figured it was closely related to the god like presence of that dude who came to me in my dream. Other synchronicities took me by hold relating to Furfur, so now I’ve been working with the male version of her which I call Fur Sir’.

I called him to presence by putting a Cypress branch on my altar, printed out the sigil, propped it up inside the leaves, did this on Saturnday, the planet he is familiar with. I am Pisces, which he is familiar with, so that works out, burned dragons blood incense which he is familiar with, and started vibrating his enn.

Now we have an amazing relationship, his presence is palpable like it bleeds into my aura.

I was intensively resonating with his presence last night in a creek, consecrating the water with his power by submerging an amulet I made to embody his energy in the water, and a massive chunk of Earth fell into the creek which never happens, and his element is Earth.

So yah, they are badass. Just vibe with em, bruh.


If you show fear you will receive fear.

If you want to rid yourself of their influence then pity a boring life, otherwise, take them in whole and accept their influence in full.

Use any tools to help you concentrate until you need no more.



Start of the week I said “fuck it” sat in the dark, meditated and essentially let the demons in because what do I have left to fear?

I fear not the world around me, not the unknown, not the demons, not rejection. Nothing-I fear nothing and in exchange the demons do not control me-it was fear that controlled me. There was no temptation from demons or anything. Basically, I have learnt what true potential is and it is not fear. I have learnt the trueness of why my magickal name-my god name “Mani” resounds in me. For Mani is my very nature, my very being my true self-my higher self and from learning that. So much more knowledge has came to me.

Name, sigil, concentration, will, intent.

Everything else is unnecessary, but it can help.

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