How does one cast a spell?

Hello brothers and sisters,

I’ve been wondering how to do this properly for quite a while, but in general, how would I go about casting a spell? Could someone please reveal to me a basic, yet effective template which I could utilize for most spellcasting?

Thanks in advance for the input! I look forward to seeing what methods y’all recommend!


I will PM you a guideline.

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I know how to use sigils, I suppose that’s a type of spell though. But I was meaning a spoken spell which doesn’t involve calling on a specific entity.

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Just look up spells similar to the one you wanna do and get a rough idea of the layout and when to say it during a ritual.

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I will! Thank you, friend!

Try looking up info on Tumblr since Tumblr is becoming a big area for the witch community that has a ton of tips on how to cast a spell.

One of the easiest spells is a petition spell. It doesn’t have to be addressed to any specific deity or spirit. A generic “to the Universe” works just as well as naming a specific being. All you do is write your desires, give thanks in advance, and then burn the petition. It can be dressed up as simple or as complex as you want.

You will most likely find all sorts of variations around the internet. Petition spells seem to be very popular in the Wiccan community due to their simplicity. Christopher Penczak has a book on spellcasting that is all about them.


Interesting! I’m going to need to try that sometime! Thank you!

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It’s hard to put into words, but the most important ingredient is confidence. Seeking wisdom is a wonderful thing to do, but when it’s time to cast a spell, be the master. Do what seems right and know deeply that your intuition is correct.

Personally, I am usually very agreeable. Some would even call me submissive. I try to keep my spiritual conversation very open and philosophical. When I’m casting, that goes out the window.

I find my inner wizard. I adopt a calm but aggressive persona and often speak in a forceful British accent and dialect. My movements become sharp and flourished. I never let another entity pull rank on me in that state. If I run across Lucifer or Odin, I become one with them and keep moving forward.

There are lots of magical operations and rituals that require humility, but to “cast a spell” is to subjugate reality. Be the boss.