How does Lucifer look like to you guys?

Lucifer just came in my dream and give me an Enn to call him. I did not see him but he was talking to me.

Do entities give secret Enns to call them?

Update: i found out they do give personal Enns to call them

Lucifers dream just totally balanced my out.
So calming amazing energy.

I came to realize i have known him my whole life.

He is just amazing, the bringer of light to my dark mind. I really needed this dream from him.

Pictures of my first invocation:

Is the sigil covered in blood?

Yes its covered in Blood.


Just curious

Okay :slight_smile:

Preparing 3rd invocation as we speak.

tall, black, handsome, ripped with fancy clothes on

Don’t know why, but he always gets a little bit angry when I see his appearance, maybe cause I don’t ask for permission.
But yeah, mature man with long black hair, I think I’ve seen him as white? Also, wears nice jewery :100:

Behind the bring light, breezy whispers and the occasional manly holler, he looks exactly like this, all features, clothing, everything. This image is by a blogger from New Zealand. She said there’s been A LOT of inquiries about this artwork of hers. Kinda funny how that works out.