How does it work?

Okay now I like to ask questions and this one keeps popping up okay here I go in the terms of ascent and dark ascent when you choose either or And you become a god In what ever light you choose who determines your title ? Like for example when I ascend I get the title god of death who gives you these titles and the powers that correspond with them sorry if I don’t make a lot of sense but in my head It makes a lot of sense in my head but like what determines how you will be I’ve been wondering for so long is it your traits that determine it or how you act now ? Or how your godself is I would definitely like an answer

Well I don’t really think there’s a like bureaucratic system with rules handing out titles, saying “You qualified for the title 55% dark god” (I’m exagerrating for emphasis) - that said, seriously, a while ago I was asked what qualities I’d like to express, and chose some.

I also chose a godname and was given a power posture, I wrote about that elsewhere on here. It’s all pretty cool and when I use them, they beat any other method of energy raising.

But, I don’t really know what that meant since they were personality traits and values I have already, to be honest a lot of stuff that happens for me along this line of work I just nod and smile and go along with it (if it’s cool or fun anyway)…

I think you’d do well to find a spirit ally, a god, demon or whatever who wants to work with you on this, they’ll be able to answer better than me.

Obviously on an eneryday level this is a constant process of becoming and not being anyway, so it won’t matter that much.

So what do you want to become by what I read I hear a goddess in the making :wink: what do you wish to have dominion over and power posture what is that and one more thing how do I know what I’ll become how can I see it before it happens ?

And also a link to the post where you wrote all this

My stated intent is “To command the powers of a goddess within my lifetime.”

I always had a nagging feeling humans were supposed to evolve into gods ever since I was little, or at least that I could/would/should - I liked movies like She and stuff where someone (male or female) had already attained a godlike status in some way.

Then I got serious about it a few years ago…

what do you wish to have dominion over and power posture what is that and one more thing how do I know what I'll become how can I see it before it happens ?

The answer to most of that jumble of questions is this: I want to develop the aspects of my personality I most like to express, and those are personal though some should be evident from reading the things I like to post about. But it’s not something I want to lay out in detail.

I don’t know how this will work for anyone else though, and there is of course a strong possibility I’m just completely off my fucking rocker.

One thing is I have a spirit ally who’s invested in my ascent and has encounraged me every step, and that rather than anyone else is IMO what you need most, to pursue ascent - like having a mentor.

“Please” is a nice word when you want someone to do something, you know…

LHP Yoga Of The Self-As-God

Sorry I’m busy so I’m typing really fast thank you I’ll keep you posted :wink: