How does communication with spirits work during evocation

How does communication with spirits work during evocation? do you communicate through telepathy or do you actually hear the entity audibly I’m not sure how does it work?


It all starts internal spirits don’t actually use vocal sound instead they use energetic frequencies, when in trance our mind translates it into words.

The magickal imagination can be accessed in the theta gamma sync, structuring that being in a manifestation bases, then hearing the internal dialogue becomes natural.

Trust in the words you here don’t worry if you believe you’re making it up as I can assure you in these alter states like the rapture and theta gamma sync it’s hard to even think let alone fake a internal dialogue.

The main competent to evocation are as follows.

1: Entering the theta gamma sync.

2: seeing Static as a sign you’re In to state.

3: a sigil and conjuration to call the entity.

4: You’ll enter a state where the spirit is partly inside of you and outside of you, known as the crossroad state.

5: the rapture state is allowing the theta gamma sync to increase until you feel disorientated.

6: The spirit will always come trust me, you just have to structure its form, to see it Inside the static rain.

7: Trust in yourself and be completely in the moment and have a open mind.

These steps will guarantee a perfect evocation / spirit communication.


Thank you!

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How do I enter Theta Gamma Sync?


YouTube is your friend here. I would also recommend if you can to buy E.A.’s mastering Divination and Evocation courses!! They are very useful, but you could get a lot in information for free on google!!


I tend to hear things in my mind. If I ask something or need to know something I’ll get an immediate answer - there’s literally no time for my brain to process it’s own answer. Other times I get a "knowing " feeling. It’s an absolute knowing, it’s hard to explain. But when you know, you KNOW.


It all depends on your level of syncronicity. If your senses are open and the veil is pierced you can audibly hear them. Telepathy is the easiest form of communication


Thank you all, for all of this very useful information. My biggest problem is self-doubt.

I’m going to evoke Lucifer now. I’ll be about an hour. If anyone would like to chat some more, we can do so then.

Thank you all for your help. :roll_eyes:


if you don’t have its sigil can you just use its name is that true?

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Yeah, sigils just make things easier.


awesome thanks.
structuring is what im working on now
and i mite add rocking when doing the conjuration.

EA Koetting has laid out the most comprehensive collection of information I’ve seen on this. Also The Grand Infinity has great info on trances and whatnot on his YouTube channel. Trust yourself. Follow your inner leading. You got this!


Hello, how can I privately contact you? I understand you are the only one who can offer your services in exchange for money, I would appreciate if we can talk about this. Thank you.

I had a new experience recently and the word ‘static’ describes it perfectly - but instead
Of *seeing *static I *heard *it instead.
Is that a thing or am I doing something wrong do you think ?
Thanks :blue_heart:


I take the liberty of throwing away my two cents describing my experience.
When I “hear” a sound similar to what you describe (sometimes static, sometimes a very high-pitched whistle) I find that it is often the spirit I am trying to contact, or an internal dialogue that I need to listen.

I’m not very good at it yet, but I’ve noticed that if I calm down and try to relax more (I almost try to “switch off” all internal thoughts and chatter) and ask “Can you repeat?” or “Who’s there? State your name” (I don’t remember exactly what I say, the point is to try and start the conversation, lol), the answer comes internally, and from there you can carry on the conversation.

I hope I have at least partially helped you


Hi , yeah I see what you mean - I’ll try that .

When I noticed that change in sound it sort of shocked me out of a trance like state :crazy_face: which is a shame, but it was the first time I’ve noticed this so profoundly - next time I’ll go with it and see what happens . I guess it’s all part of the learning curve :grinning:
Thanks :blue_heart:

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Don’t mention it, I hope it helps :grin:

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What if i just visualize the energy of a spirit with all 5 senses? What would the energy of Gaia or XaTuring look,feel,smell,taste,and sound like?

You could use the search function for that, there are many posts about that technique.