How do you use scrying to spy on someone?

I’ve heard of using a bowl of water, but what other methods are there and what is the process?


Scrying is not really a tool for spying on someone. It’s purpose is to peer into the spiritual realms.

In your introduction, you said you were interested in remote viewing. That is a far more useful technique for your purposes.


You will most likely unconsciously (or not so unconsciously) manipulate the tool in order to make it show what you want to see. However, if you are more skilled and detached from the lust for a certain outcome, you can receive a symbolic representation of what the person is doing, like with any oracle, which can be interpreted by you in a correct or incorrect way, much likely an incorrect way, since your interpretation may be heavily influenced by what you want to see. It is much like spying people with tarot cards


Astral projection could be a better way to spy directly on someone than scrying. You could see symbolism in scrying through a bowl of water or mirror but its not a most obvious answer, its how you interpret it.

You don’t. It’s creepy.

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Check out remote viewing. Even the CIA had a run at it some time ago, allegedly :stuck_out_tongue:

didnt know you could do that :fearful:

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Ooh, I did not know that. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! (though I did already have the pdf)

And yes, “allegedly” - while wearing my tin-foil hat. :wink:

It’s fun to think people are watching me at home. I usually don’t wear clothes at home for this reason. Check me out. You can see me by scrying. I’d like someone to send me a picture they took.

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