How do you use graveyard dirt in a spell?


So im dealing with an issue i want to come to an end, in my favor. Heard about graveyard dirt being really good for spells. Anyone with any ideas on how to use it? Has anyone used graveyard dirt b4 effectively? How did u use it, and what outcomes did u have? Open to all ideas… thanx!

Dirt in general is used HEAVY in Hoodoo. Dirt from a bank for prosperity workings, dirt from a hospital for healing and dirt from a graveyard for baneful works. If someone died a horrible death, you would gather that dirt to use against your enemy.

Some people will bring “you” to the graveyard instead by making a “doll baby” or “poppet” with your picture & hair/nail clippings/semen/other dna and burying it in the cemetery after performing the cursing ritual. Often placed in a small box to represent the coffin and mirrored inside to bind you.

I haven’t personally had to gather dirt from a cemetery yet so can’t give you advise on how to get it. I can tell you that the dirt is a direct link to that spirit and you are essentially working with the spirit to get the outcome you want. (similar to how people invoke/evoke here). So choose the grave wisely.


Thanx for the heads up. I sure didn’t go to collect the dirt, but got it from a reputable seller. The reviews mentioned needing to do cleansing rituals etc, and some buyers went as far as mention how they used the dirt. Wqs curious if anyone on here had used graveyard dirt too.

I’ve used it mostly in curses. Filled a poppet with some, put some into a spell jar, but occasionally i’ve used it for petitioning death spirits, such as Cain or cultural gods. I’ve also buried notes and ashes in a local cemetery. I’ve both gathered dirt myself and bought from a shop. The two types of dirt I’ve gathered myself were clay and sand, given they are prominent in the area I live, whereas the dirt I’ve bought was more soil-like. Properties of the dirt itself (sandy, soil, clay, etc) can have additional effects.


Can I DM u?

Did you notice a difference between the two? I was hesitant to buy it because I couldn’t confirm if it really came from a grave and if it really did, I couldn’t confirm who’s grave.

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Yes, I did, but there was also a difference between the different dirts I gathered myself. I’d always assumed most bought dirt is gathered from the graveyard, not a specific grave. I’d have to find my bought dirt and actually read what it says.
If you can’t get access to a graveyard yourself then just buying it is fine, I’d suggest researching a few shops or even ask the supplier how / where they get it if that makes you feel better.


Wanted to come back to add a few more uses:

Surrounding your house with graveyard dirt is a powerful protection.

Rub it on your hands then shake hands with someone you want to effect, intention matters and can effect you so avoid hexing this way.

Sprinkle on the property of your intended target or a poppet - depends on your intention such as hexing, sending spirits after them, protecting them, etc.

Create a faux grave or fill a small coffin with the dirt to bury something you want to let go of (feelings, a person, etc, also a hex if intended)

Create ink my mixing it with water.

Seidr and Útiseta (norse trance work, útiseta done by sitting a top a grave mound but if not available I suggest holding the dirt in your palms or lie down and put it on your forehead or body or underneath your body)

Throw it to dispel unwanted anythings (curses, feelings, spirits, etc)

Invocation of the spirit it came from (probably obvious but wanted to add)


I’ve used graveyard dirt in baneful magic a few times (I collected it myself) as I have a cemetery nearby that is pretty quiet and unlocked at night.

I took offerings of rum, incense, cakes I’d made, coins, whiskey, flowers etc. I made sure to thank the spirits and also left coins for the guardian of the cemetery by the gate and left a different way, without looking back.

I’ve buried spells in the cemetery (also for baneful magic) I buried it in a far corner under a tree, not on someone’s actual plot.

I pass the cemetery quite often and whenever I do I say thank you the spirits.

I’ve also taken dirt from my great grandmothers plot that I keep on my altar for protection.