How do you use all of your negative emotion to cast spells or Manifest Good in your life?


Any of their books will have techniques that you can use and adapt for other non-GoM rituals.

What you say, is what is known as conditional living. It’s backwards. As for how you’re feeling, this is exactly why Abraham Hicks teachings will be helpful to you, IF you’re open minded enough and willing to apply their teachings consistently every day.

I was very similar to you when I first came across their teachings. Barely able to achieve a positive vibration, feeling tired, sick, etc. A few years on, life has improved slowly but steadily as I learned and applied their teachings to myself and my life. It’s still improving. You’ve gotta start somewhere, even if you’re at rock bottom, and believe me, I’ve been there this year, it was a summer from hell quite literally, and I’ve bounced back so quickly because I remembered what they teach! And applied their teachings consistently during my darkest hours.

You can watch their free videos on YouTube too. They are repetitive for a reason. And they keep their message very simple and very clear at all times: it’s all about your vibration. No matter where you are, every moment is an opportunity for a fresh start, vibrationally.

And to be honest, the LoA governs everything. You can create by default, or you can learn to create deliberately, even if you’re in the depths of despair. I know, cos I did it from a position of deep terror last summer. A few years ago when I first started learning their teachings, I was miserable and depressed. If I can do it, so can you. :wink:

Please at least get their books. They are very affordable and you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by getting the first one, Ask And It Is Given.

BTW, in this type of situation, no amount of magick will replace the need to learn how to manage your vibration.


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It’s very worthy of being watched however.




I have studied them for about 10 years have several of AH books, dvds etc… I lost interest when I listened to them give out bad Advice a couple of times and when Jerry Died. Why didn’t Abraham tell them about Alternative Cancer treatment? Or that it was more beneficial to stay in The Secret. Something seems a miss to me, But their overall message is still correct and good.

The point of staying positive is accurate… So I have made that my Priority and also releasing resistance to this situations and letting go of the need to be out of it. Resistance can keep you stuck.

So now I’m shielding, working with Angels and Daemons and of course source. But also releasing all resistance a desire to be out of this. I call on the Angels to shileld me and Daemons and Lucifer if I start to crash into negativity and ask for high vibration energy and strength and they help a lot.

I have also decided to change the meaning of this situation from “She Destroyed my Life” to “This is my Quickening, and I will Emerge Stronger and More Powerful, and with more Emotional Control” And that will happen as I have used that technique before. I has a deal fell thorough and instead of getting mad I proclaimed that was great and now I’ll made even more money and I did.

So I am turning it around. This was a catalyst to growth, and on some level I knew was. Which is why I never resorted or curses or attacks. I knew there was something in me that needed to be work on.

It’s very hard sometimes to look at a person that hurting you and assign he value of it being good for you, or a challenge to make you stronger. But we do have the power to assign meaning. The main issue I’m working on is the PTSD reaction that send me into negative states. But I’ll do some EFT on that.

I have finally gotten my self in a better place mentally so now the physical will follow and manifest a way out. But what you are saying is very true and thank you for the reminder and support. :slight_smile:

And it’s like I got an Download from my higher self-last night right before I made my final post on my other thread a plan with all of the steps came to me. So I’m following it.

Do you ever watch Bashar or Benhinto Massaro?

This is a great video that for me when I do what he said puts me in a much higher state.


I’m going to watch it right now. Thanks for posting this.

Have you used his method with success?


Some of them simply overlap with E.A.'s teachings.
They’re a good addition to it.

And yes, i’ve improved some of my abilities with his help.