How do you talk to spirits guys?

Do you guys have any method to talk with spirits? Can someone help me out please?

Dude, you keep asking the same questions over and over again, thinking you’re going to get different answers.

You seem to think that there is some step by step instruction that you can follow and suddenly get the ability, but there is no magic pill.

It takes practice. You have to meditate daily to clear your mind chatter. Do energy work and develop your chakras. Evoke again and again and again. It is a gradual process, like building a muscle.

Can you even enter trance?


I don’t really even know how does trance feel

Try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right. All the information is right in front of you if you make some effort to look. We’re not going to hand everything to you.

Everything starts with an altered state of consciousness, trance, so begin here:

And here: