How do you summon

How would one go about summoning eisheth Zenunim. I dont have the space for a big ritual to do and I just want to know what would be in easy way to summon her if you lack the necessary resources needed to do so and what’s her enn if she has one


You could do something similiar that I am doing with Naamah. Clean a small space on the floor and set a candle on a fire proof dish. Sit down in front of it and take some time to mediate to relax your body, shifting your focus from the every day life to the ritual. When ready, light the candle, declaring that you open the gate of fire for Eisheth Zenunim only and that may all impostors be burned by the flames.

To my knowledge, she has no enn so I would recommend either chanting her name or something like “Invoca Eisheth Zenunim” (I really connect well when using latin but the name only would do just fine). Keep reciting the chant as you let go of all around you, letting yourself embrace the experience. She was very subtle when I called her during the Four Queens ritual I wrote about in my journal so do not be surprised if it takes a bit longer for her to show up than other spirits. When you feel her there (I noticed she is more of a feely kind of spirit), welcome and proceed as you wish.

Lady Eva has also written on a simple no tool evocation method that may be very useful for you. I hope this helps in some way


It does thanks

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