How do you say King Belial’s name?

I am finding difficulties determining the correct pronunciation. I have always thought it was “Bell-Lie-All”. That’s how I used to say it because I thought it was how it was said.

Now I see “Buh-Lee-All” and various other ways and don’t know.

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Bay la el
That’s how I say it

For most spirits it doesn’t matter as long as your intent is to speak with that spirit.

Take King Paimon for example some people call him King Pay-mon and others King Pie-mon

And Azazel some Aza-zel others Azaa-zel

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It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. Just say it in whatever way feels right to you, and He will come. I asked this same question of King Paimon and that was His response.

@RiseorDie Haha you beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


From his enn pronunciation guide:

Belial –
Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial
[Lir-atch tah-sa veh-fa weh-lik Bee-lee-L]

So, Bee-lee-L


I thought it was BEE-LIE-AL. Bee as in bees. lie as lies. Al as in Uncle Al or Al Bundy (married with children, sitcom)

Works for me. Never had a problem. And Belial came to me as hair slicked back, well dressed attorney!

It doesnt matter. He will know. Just an example, I can call your name in 20 separate accents from various parts of the world and you will still know that I am calling your name.

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I used to vibrate only vowels, but recently consonants too (those which can be vibrated, obviously). Indeed, also from a “soundwave” point of view, probably there will be little difference anyway. :slight_smile:

Thoughtfully, sincerely, and respectfully.

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Occasionally the entity will give you a name by which to call it directly - sort of a nickname/petname/lover’s name :heart_eyes:

I say it most like “bel-lee-el”.

There’s an old thread around here somewhere in which a forum member mentions that he calls Belial “Belly-Aisle” and the great demon gets a kick out of it, so I really don’t think pronunciation matters all that much, as long as you are respectful.