How do you repair tears in your aura

So I was told I have tears in my aura how would I go about repairing these tears? Thank you.

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Hiya OP! There’s lots of ways to repair your aura when it inevitably sustains some kind of damage. The first thing you’ll want to identify, either by asking your spirits, sensing it, or using divination, is the type of damage it’s taken- is there a tear, a dent? Is something leaking or burning up? Are there too many blockages, or is there an active infection? When you’ve got an idea of the type, magnitude, and depth of the damage, you can set to work repairing it.

If you connect to the Great Space, you can entangle your consciousness with a variation of yourself that never sustained these damages, which lets you ‘undo’ them. Any healing or medicinal spirit also has knowledge of energetic healing, and can be asked to patch you up. You may be able to resolve the issue all at once, but don’t plan for it; better to find too little to do than too much! :slight_smile: