How do you really get Lucifer's attention?

I mean what do you need to do to get his attention no matter where he is right now? What do you need to do to make him come to me? To attract his presence. I’m willing to do it to make a pact with him

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I suggest you trace a sigil onto paper, turn out the lights, light a candle, and call him.

Don’t remember where I read it, but I read somewhere once that if you really want to get Lucifer’s presence you should use all the grimorium verum sigils together:

If your intention is there and you’re serious, you already have his attention more than likely.

You just need to make the call.


Hi Friend, first things first, Lucifer, as any other spirit, is everywhere, not in a single place at a single time. Next, more importantly:

As @Crookedpath rightly wrote, if you are thinking about a contact, or even a pact, the contact has already been made, regardless of your level of comunication. Answer the call by calling the spirit yourself.


I agree all the way! With most of my rituals, the ritual is something formal I do but I feel the energy of the spirit before (sometimes days before) the ritual.
@Warrior ,
Lucifer is usually around before ritual when I call him too. If you’ve been thinking a lot about him, he might be waiting for you to call already.


It really isn’t hard to get his attention, it is more a matter of if you want his attention. (yeah, the seal works great)