How do you overcome when all the odds are stacked against you?

I believe like most here magick has its limitations and that really all it can do is help your chances.

So let’s say something isn’t in your favor, like you have a 5% chance of succeeding

How much can magick really help you in that regaurd ? It can only help your probability to a certain extent so is it even worth it to put all that energy in it exhausting yourself for nothing ?

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Magick has no limitations. The only limitation there is, is you. I know, it’s cheesy but it’s true. It can do alot more than just boost your chances with something. If you have beilef that such things will work, than they will. Like I already said, the only limitation is your mind.

I know magick is real because I see people who have nothing but the skin on their backs, rise up, and become rich/beautiful/powerful, you name it. Iv seen it heal people, and Iv seen it destroy people.

I could go on and on but I won’t. But heres my answer. Hope it helps.


Really ? It didn’t do shit to heal my torn tendons in my shoulder no matter how much I tried.

It’s been months btw , I don’t expect instant results.

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Like I said before. It all comes down to belief. And yeah, it can take time but it works. I’m a god damn living example of such things. Sometimes you’ll be doing this stuff for months and nothing will occur, then all of a sudden, shit starts happening.

Everyone goes through this phase when working with Magick I suppose lol.

Physical healing takes strange ways sometimes, when its done with magick.
I have an illness that can’t be cured and sometimes the struggle is real.
I didn’t received a “direct” healing, the illness isn’t gone or something like that.
But magick helped me to put away the painkillers (painkillers aren’t a bad thing, they are really helpful but in my case they make things worse after a certain amount of time), haven’t touched them for several months now and thats a very encouraging start.
In the meantime I found a wonderful doctor who is willing to give it a shot. He told me straight to the point that a cure probably won’t happen but that he wants to help me gaining control over my body back and that he already has some ideas about what kind of experiments he wants to run to make things better. He is the first dude who didn’t put me into the “hopeless case, here are your standard medical treatments, enjoy” corner. I am 100% sure that something had a hand in this, since said doc is booked out for months and he ususally doesn’t take new patients anymore.


This probably depends on how determined you are man. Why only 5%? The more avenues you create the higher those odds will be. I don’t think you believe in yourself enough.

Let me give you a good example of how powerful the mind is. I live in South Africa right, high crime stats and whatnot, but there have been times when years have passed with no break-in attempts. This is how it’s been recently too, until my new neighbors moved in. I’m very security conscious, but I realize that if they want to get into your house, they will, and worrying about when that happens is useless, you just have to be prepared for when it comes. But my neighbors are fucking paranoid, neighborhood watch, always suspicious of people, you name it. And since they’ve moved in I’ve had 5 break-in attempts, this in 3 months. They’re not doing any magic, but their minds are so focused and convinced of the idea that somebody is out to get them that the world creates pathways by which these things do happen, not only to them but those in close proximity, like me.

Your mentality is limiting you. You also have to create pathways, you have to be determined and believe in your ability to conquer or overcome any circumstance. If a bunch of Christians who don’t believe in magic can create this kind of change without knowing how to use magic, they also have weak wills, imagine how much you could change the world around you?


In terms like this; you stand up tall. Head up. Back straight. If you fall over, try again. If you fall over the second time, try again. Life is about being in control of yourself, it’s about being strong. If you want to live the version of reality you wish to live, you first must be strong. Strong-will has limitless pathways.


Keep pushing through I believe magic can help to an extent of you have no way to push that forward with or with out it u gotta keep moving forward no matter what

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