How do you manage your time between studying/practicing magick to succeed and studying a topic of your career choice to succeed?

Hey, everyone.

I did not know how else to ask this in the most proper way, so here is an example.

If you had a career down your path as a programmer or any career choice that requires you to study heavily on newer inventions on a daily basis BUT you also understand that practicing magick is a portion of your success just as much as studying on the topic of your career choice; how do you leverage time between the two? Do you spend more energy on one or the other and is there a reason why putting energy on that particular thing is better VS the other? Or do you require a fair split between studying/practicing the two topics. Or do you find ways to correlate between the two where you can actually study both at the same time? (My apologies for the run-on sentences)

Thank you. I look forward to seeing your answers.


I don’t have the answer. But I can relate with you :100:! It’s much like, life keeps you so busy that you don’t have time for anything else. & We’re suppose to be a robot, work, pay bills, sleep, repeat. I try not to get caught up in it or get lost. I start each morning with a little magic, meditation, ect. & End each night the same.


I do now want write long elaborates, and I could while I am constantly learning to improve my career and doing magic the same time and know many pitfalls…

I will tell you that. Ask yourself what you want (the main goal) in career/studies as in magic? What is the longest timeframe you could work to gain that? What for you want such accomplishment? and final question is what is minimal effort to get you results?

Master one skill in magic that will give you feeling you can get all the rest with this one thing.
Learn basics well enough that you can preceed with new features without spending hours on them.
Find your pace and choose such magic that will fit your actual lifestyle. If you need read a lot - determine how many pages a day is your minimal need, and anything you will do extra will be because you wanted it not had to. Try find, ore create, connection between you magic and your studies. Don to encapsulate yourself in thinking oh this is magic and this are studies. Merge them :slight_smile:


For example:

I am student in massage therapy school for the reason I want to have occupation with stable income while doing things that gives me satisfaction. While I study anatomy, kinesytherapy, excersises, strechings and massagaes I deep that and merge with my knowledge about energy flow, meridians, I excersise myself in energy scanning. I visualise myself the whole body and all bones, muscels and anything I learn - that will improve my healing abilities. I do bodywork and breathwork and explore meditations in move instead of sitting.

I know that knowing 75% of all we are thought is enough to accomplish my goal but because of my pride I set for myself to become A-grader. So I read a lot less about magic that I usually did and lot more about massage and bodyhealing. But I tend to merge what I now from both sides. Also I read a bit about marketing, running private practice etc. and made up strategy how to successfuly run private practice. (And my help in that are Jason Miller’s books “Strategic Sorcery”, “Financial Sorcery” and “Elements of Spellcraft”).

To sum up - decide what is most important and do first things first and merge mundane and magic life as much as you can :slight_smile:
And keep journals!!!


I can’t really tell you exactly how much energy you need to spend on one and the other, but my most important advice is: Don’t ever procrastinate.
If you do that it will be too much and you can’t catch up.
You also will feel calmer if you do your tasks right away.
I always dreamt of studying when there was a test, and when I failed the test in my dream, I knewnI had to learn more. When I’ve learned enough I was able to remember it in my dreams. It was some kind of revision.


That’s why I am choseing a career as a Reiki Healer for now. I talked to a reiki master and after the pandemic calms down a little bit she will work with me.
So by doing reiki I will channel energy through out me and heal others almost 24/7 so when I come home from work I don’t have to worry about "oh I should do some energy work for today then a ritual or meditation " No! I can straight up jump into a ritual cause I been doing energy work all day and at the same time makeing money

If I were to do pick a career like a office working or personal trainer, well that skill would probably die with me when the time is up for this physical body.
And I could be under alot of stress to fit energy work after work and rituals I mean I been there before i was a personal trainer for like 3 years and when I come home from work I could berly stand up.
As if I pick a career in magick or occult field that skill should come with me beyond the veil.
I get to evolve and focous on improving my self spiritual now 24/7 and makeing some money with that.

Even if you do work a job at the office you could through out the day when sitting on the chair start focusing on the energy and move it around your legs and back.
And instead of going with coworkers to coffee during break you could find your self a quiet place and do some meditation and energy work.
You could also make a schedule :date: depends on your working hours and study.
Weekends focous hard on magick throughout the day and at night you could go out but you would be the person that shows up late at the party :laughing:
And Monday to Friday focous study and work and make at least time of two hours before bed for some magick.

I hope this helped :pray:


Sorry for off top

I am Reiki master and as long as I wish you all good in your endeavor, I see idea of healing 24/7 rubbish… if you would like to know more about it, for this is off top, PM me :slight_smile:

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