How do you know your magic has worked?

If the magic is more along the lines of protection, how would you know it is working or not? Other than the thing you wanted protection from appearing.

Slightly related, I asked for Bael to send me spiders as a sign he would accept working with me. I did see more spiders than usual, a lot of different types of spiders compared to the only 1/2 species I usually see, and weird behaviour from some spiders. I am just having trouble figuring out: is it just that spiders have been on my mind so I am spotting them more? Or is this actually a sign? Not sure how direct a sign is supposed to be.

I add that because when I do the protection magic, I think I will run into the same issue if I ask for a sign that I’m protected. So, are there any more direct ways of confirming if your magic has work / an entity has helped complete the objective?


If it’s for protection, you know it works when what you need protection from is no longer bothering you.


Hmm, so even if it is more of a concept/possibility than a physical person I want protection from? I ask because if it was a person/thing, them no longer showing up could be taken as a sign.

When I stop thinking about the possibility is it done? Because I think I could trick myself to not thinking about it, if I just thought the magic was working. I’m scared of doing this and finding out a couple months later that it didn’t work.

if no problems coming into your life. then isn’t it common sense that protection magick is working? stop the paranoia mindset that magick needs someone to tell you it’s working. Your life situation tells you if magick is working or not. learn to be aware. U live life base on what you want not create all kinds of chattery what if’s that is not needed.


You know it works when it works …

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Preponderance of the evidence;

-How likely was the result likely to obtain by chance?

-How often on average do unlikely results obtain for you after rite, compared with a lack of it?

There can and should be a substantial difference.


You got your signs, it’s working.

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