How do you know which demon to thank?

Let’s say I want my boss to like me (hypothetical subject) and I ask Demon #1 via a petition spell with a deadline. Deadline comes, no response.
I move on to Demon #2 same thing happens.
I don’t give up and move on to Demon #3 and two day after the deadline, I get my result.
I need to thank the Demon but since the result happened after the deadline, which one gets the thanks/offering? All three and hope the one responsible isn’t angered?

Well firstly you need to learn to speak with the Demon, because then it’s not necessary what you mention here.

Can you do the task for me?


Would you like …. for an offering?

and how many days or months will it take to fulfill the task?
Pendulum wil go round (just count)

Als you see it are basically yes or no questions you can ask it with a pendulum.


Then for your question. It states that the first two won’t do the taks and Demon3 does, so he/she gets the offering.

And you can always thank Demon1 and 2 for their time.

Another thing is to be patient. With Magick you change universal laws, it can take time and sometimes (for money spells) you need resources. Or put work into something yourself.


Using a pendulum…I’ve often thought of that method as unreliable because don’t we ultimately control the motion via our mind? If this is working for you and you are getting results, would you mind sharing how you do this without influencing the motion yourself?

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Well a Pendulum works like automatic writing you can invite your ‘Higher Self’, Angels etc… to work with you on divination (I’ve explained a bit in a thread):

Now if you want to use it in a ritual with a specific being. You can do the evocation and charge the Sigil. Then when you invite the Spirit, say that you want to do divination with the Pendulum (don’t forget to cleanse, it’s mentioned in the thread by @Anassa). Lay the sigil on your table and go over it with the pendulum. If you’re doing it right you will notice the difference right away (strong spirit).

This way it’s not your higher self that influences.

If you want to focus on hearing a spirit instead of a Pendulum trust yourself. If you ask a question, an answer will come in fragments in your mind, inner voice or if you ask in a dream.