How do you know what you want.. .when you don't want for anything

Do you know what you want? I don’t. Not really, anyway.

Silly question but given all the powers int the universe, I cant think of anything I’d want more than to have enough money to travel the world travel to far places with my family and experience the world. I dont need ferraris or big houses really… just enough money to do things without th eburden of needing that money to obtain the travel… and stay in nice places when i do.

Getting to that place in life is no easy task, we’d be talking creating successful business ventures, a windfall (unlikely) or some other life changing event that i dont want to spend my time doing… i dont want to work 24/7 to get a nice holiday abroad or get married.

How then do you decide what you need next in life, to better your existence and if it would even be granted? Its asking too much. If i use dmagick for promotion that means more stress and more time working… some people want that but that’s not what life is for - working then dying.

Magic for lottery wins very rarely wins… maybe magcik to find the best odds would be useful but thats how magick works, you ask how to better yourself or move up a level opposed to the end game result overnight…your magick will fail if you ask for miracles.

Becoming at peace with what i have grateful for where i am, Ive come to not want or need possessions, or material gain… this has dropped me out of the rat race as it were, valuing my free time more and life balance. I

I guess, I want more for doing less! I dont want to be a workaholic but i still want money to travel with my family in luxury, but without being a rock star or awall street stress head.
I guess this comes from having a workaholic father who could take us on holiday and spend what we liked when we got there… I cant do that in the same way, i dont stay abroad in 5 star hotels, i dont earn that much to be abel to do it comfortably. He could but he would leave at 5am and come home at 8pm.


Well you need to be creative on this one, you don’t need to use magick to make yourself work more hours lol you can use magick to just make your boss nicer to you etc. And go with the magick from there. You can also use magick you find your true desires, your true calling in life.

You want freedom like everyone else. Financially free to do whatever you want. Guess what? you gonna have to work. Not everyone is born rich. You need to be rich enough so that your residual income can gain passive profit to cover your living expense and luxury life. Then you can do whatever you want. Explore your interest without worry or need to work. U can always marry rich? possible path.

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I asked for guidance from 20 Gods/Demons ,information has been flooding inside my head ever since (2016) ,i knew where to research stuff etc ,i once complained that how can i honor 20 Gods /Demons but ideas flooded my mind …every single time i try to reduce the number of Gods im learning from a black snake crosses my path when im taking a walk ,thy guided me n now m at ease ,i presented a plan also regarding my goals n what i want in life ,i am master of finance right now ,i am super disciplined ,super healthy ,i know a lot about women and sex , etc thanks to the guidance of the Gods ,God Lucifer ,King Beelzebub ,Princess Astarte ,King Azazel ,General Agaliarept, King Asmodeus ,General lieutenant Fleruty
King Lucifuge Rofocale ,Brigadier Major Sargatanas ,Commander in Chief Satanachia ,Prince Set ,King Belial ,King Paimon ,Duke Bune ,Duke Haures, Earl Morax ,Earl Vine ,President Botis ,President Buer and my friend and master The great Clauneck
,King Clauneck.

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@NorthantsMage I don’t see anything wrong with your current desire to travel. On the contrary - it even seems wonderful to me. Why should you want to be a rock star? Just because anyone else wants to be one? Or may be because anyone else thinks that rock’s star life rocks?

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Oh man, I got you, learn the stock market , I make a couple hundred a day , and the market only really has good volatility / opportunity in from 9:30-11:30 AM, any questions let me know :+1:
Also get out a list of what you want on paper, for each thing put an image on an image board , look at it in morning and night

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