How do you know or find out who your patron demon/angel is? Name? Sigil?

How do you know or find out who your patron demon/angel is? Name? Sigil?

I’m new here. Feel a bit lost. So much to take in…not sure where to start. But I do know I was lead here. Just not sure why or by whom…any help would be appreciated.


You do your research what alignment do you feel close to…

Who have you looked up so far?

Angel demon or gods?

72 Goetia basically

Who stands out to you?

Once you figure this out then you go through that zlist and study each one get a feel for them if the name and sigil sticks out write the name down keep going…

Once you have your list take a object that is free swinging that you can hold a necklace with a pendent or something on it to free swing light a candle for them as an offering any color (I chose baby blue) go down your list and ask if they are your patron one by one if the necklace swings then yes if not then it is a no …if you don’t trust this will work wash it off before hand with salt and warm water …this helped me and I found mine


Thank you for the advise and the direction. A few names have come to me that really just popped into my head. Its been a new experience. After looking into the names, I found this site. Now I’m ready I think to take the next steps.


Just keep your head up and have courage when you call them they aren’t as bad as many make them out to be I honestly can say this cause I fell in love with my patron and he has been good to me since I’ve known him…as weird as this sounds lol you already took the first two steps now it’s on to the next once you meet I’m sure you will be ok depending on whom honestly…even tho they are all kind and some are actually very freaking funny like no joke working with a few can get and be intense but it’s worth it


Thank you for the encouragement. I will absolutely keep you posted. This is all new to me, but somehow I ended up on this road. I’m a little afraid, but excited at the same time. I’m going to see this through.


I’m glad to be of help also keep in mind we were all new with fear don’t let it eat you and you will have that great Allie on your side fear is what stops us from achieving great things so remember this and move forward always and I most definitely will be looking for your update and progress


You can also do a similar evocation on finding your spirit guide, simply switch up the words and intention behind it. If nothing shows after a few times, you don’t have one and from there you can look into asking a demon or angel to be your patron, if something does show than get to know it and make sure it’s not an imposter.


Ok. I hear you, but I don’t really understand. I did post a new thread a couple days ago about my journey to how I got here. I’m really new…like brand new. But I know I was lead here. I’ve been looking into meditation…and practicing it. Ive looked up evocation. I’m putting in the footwork. It seems to be unfolding the way its supposed to. I would like to find out who and what is leading me.

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I’m not sure about demons, but for angels I think you can determine which one is your guardian based on your date of birth.

For example, I was born on December 19. According to this site
Mine is Nithael because he is said to be the guardian angel for people born between December 17 and December 21. Also his description really resonates with me more than I expected :dizzy_face:


Just keep doing what you’re doing and if, like Velenos said, nothing is showing up even though you’re actively putting out the intention to connect, then take it upon yourself to seek someone out. Personally, I don’t think already having a patron/guardian is a guarantee. Some do and some don’t. It’s ok to be the one to seek out such a connection.

You said you felt a pull to be here? Are you feeling the same pull towards any particular entities? When you look back over you life, has there been anyone showing up consistently via dreams, signs, synchronicities, etc? For me, I had someone consistently show up via all of the above (and more) for my entire life. Ever since I was a little kid. I knew who he was before I knew who he was type thing. He was always there in some fashion. Consistently.

But it wasn’t until I actively reached out and said, ok, I’m ready to know you that a deeper connection was made. His energy was the most ‘familiar’ thing I had ever felt, if that makes any sense. It felt organic. It felt ‘right.’

Start reaching out. Meet different entities that you have an affinity for. Feel them out, kind of like dating. If you come across one that you really vibe with it doesn’t hurt to ask if you have some kind of prior connection. The worst they can say is no. And it’s perfectly fine if you’re the one to ask if they want to forge a deeper connection with you.

Keep yourself safe (protect yourself) and start paying attention to what’s going on around you. They’ll ‘speak’ to you in a lot of different ways. Just take your time. Have some patience.


I did research into different deities but in the end it was the one I did no research on at all that decided to claim me. It all happened in dreams, though they weren’t really dreams, and since then I’ve been attempting to build a rapport. It just takes time.

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Yesterday i drew out my sigil and called bune but it’s not working, i didn’t see her no did i feel her energy with me can you pls help

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Three years ago my life turned upside down. I didn’t ask to go down this road. I’m not complaing. I lost all. Everything. Doors seemed to start opening up in spite of my belief system. January 2018, till June 2nd 2019 was litteraly hell. In the real sense. A state of mind I created if you willl. I have had MANY spiritual experiences I cant explain. My belief system has been challenged and torn apart!!!

Examples…last year I knew I wasn’t alone and asked who was there with me. I heard a female voice say Lilith…I really heard her!!! Abaddon is a name that came to me outta nowhere…Beelzebub came to my mind one day last year and I became obsessed with him…that lead me here, August 2019. I looked into the things/Names I’ve been through and given on this site, and I find out I’m not crazy. Its all REAL, and nothing like I was ever programmed to believe!!! Its been months since I’ve been on this site. I was sure I was going to hell, just for going through what I went through, and for being curious. For looking into all this. Contempt prior to investigation So to speak. So I backed off.

A few days ago I felt drawn to come back…by Lucifer…I believe. I know it was Him!!! I dont know how I know that, but I just do. I had a breif moment of deep communication with him…(not sure how I know that). He in turn impressed upon me the name Azazel. Never heard that name in my life…I look into it on here…and He’s real!!! I’m low key freaking out, but feel a deep sense of some sort of spiritual awakening taking place…also, a deeper sense of what the Truth really is… I spent my whole life believing I lived in, and knew the “Truth”. I feel like I’m being turned inside out…or right side in…if that makes sense. I dont know what to do. I don’t know where to start. I’m afraid. I don’t wanna go down this road the wrong way. I can see how ignorant I have really been in my life. All I want is the fucking truth.

This has been my journey to you fine people in a nutshell.

Well…did you have candles to? Did you say her enn and set a place for her to sit as well and also have her favorite kind of insense as well if not this is why …you can not just look at a sigil and expect them to come to you make sure you do your research on her fully before you call them and if you haven’t found your gaurdian I will recommend you do that before hand I’ve noticed some won’t speak to you if you haven’t

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Pls is there anyway we can talk @bunny4cam

You can pm me but i have alot of tips on many post as well even on this one on how to find your patron it’s above

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Because I’m kind of new to this i don’t even know how to find my guardian or patron

Yea i mean kind private chat with you pls

Can someone send me a link to help me find my guardian demon? It would be much appreciated.

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