How do you keep your notes?

I’ve never found a perfectly satisfactory system for keeping notes on workings, UPG and dreams etc., just wondered if anyone else feels their system’s really good?

Any one day can have a huge hodge-podge of stuff, including synchronicities in everyday life that lead me down a new avenue, or online finds that answer a question I didn’t know I had, and I also like to re-read my notes regularly because sometimes something will slip my memory but turn out to be relevant to something I’m doing weeks or even years later.

I like to keep notes on paper but my ideal system would be like blog posts that have tags that relate to each significant point within them, BUT I don’t want to go completely digital, nor post all my stuff online or into a cloud storage, even if it’s password protected… anyone got any suggestions please?

I want to get a few actual notebooks for my magical journals(you know something leather bound, that I could right all my notes in code because I’m paranoid lol) and cookbooks(to keep up with recipes and macronutrient ratios of each recipe, makes for an easier life than doing the math every meal.) but as far as the rest, random notes, and dream diaries… I do that shit all on my computer. on that note, I really recommend you do your dream diaries on your computer, because if you have the fastest fingers in the west like me, you can type most of the dream down pretty rapidly if you think you may have trouble with retention.

also I run a blog, I mainly use it to get better at writing for an audience, as a means to develop myself as a writer, but if I ever get much better at the process I will probably upgrade to a professional platform.

I create folders in my mailbox

I send myself emails related to the folders (dreams, spirits work etc) and once I receive the email I move it in the appropriate folder.

Convenient cause you have the xp and the date

Dream journal at the head of my bed, ritual journal in (duh) ritual room. The rest of my armchair magician stuff I keep on text files backed up on a USB drive, including sigils, plans, and all sorts of stuff.

Wait…I was supposed to be writing this stuff down?


I have my own journal but I often times send messages to myself through my two Facebook accounts and my email. I almost always have my phone on me so it is easier to send my self a message than write it down in a notebook.

I do the same thing eye!

I created an “Archive” thoughtform. I would pour emotions and experiences into it, and the function of being able to withdraw that information at any time.

Albeit it can get a little hazy at times, nothing but yourself is required.

Material Aspect:

In the past I used 3 ring binders to store my notes. Then I moved onto using spiral bound notebooks, which I have several of (mostly dream journals) collected.

Since moving into the BALG current I have decided to go for a more formalized strategy, and started using composition books, so all my journals will be uniform. I imagine they will look nice stacked up on a shelf and be easy to look though and index as they grow.

Also of note is that I like the composition books since they have a simple sewn binding, and are much less likely to have pages torn out or ripped accidentally while moving them, unlike spiral bound or hole punched pages. Which can happen when these things are around for years.

I have kept some online journals, but that form is usually a simple text file I append to when necessary, and its main purpose is to store a record of offline material to support online forum posting etc. in case websites go down or disappear. I keep hard copies of anything I consider important.

Content Aspect:

For my dream journals I have simple written down what I could remember, marking those with lucidity with a further symbol to ease later reference. This has worked well and I continue to use this same process.

For my working logs initially I wrote down lots of stuff. My thoughts, feelings, what I thought things meant, etc. I found this gave me good insights about my personality and perspectives months or years later. However, this also severely detracted from the value of the journals for determining actual results, as my entries would go off on wide tangents that I thought were important at the time. Later I could see that I was simply more concerned with how I was feeling or what I was thinking about, than focusing on the Work.

At almost the same time as I decided to do the BALG courses and commit myself to magickal ascent and transformation of my material universe instead of mysticism, I discovered notes about a journaling technique on that seems more beneficial in my own development of discernment and objectivity than haphazard note taking. Instead, this method uses the journaling itself as an additional training and process of development and ascent. I decided this method is what I will use from now. It’s redundant to repeat the method here, so I’ll post a link.

many note pads along the road

Thanks for all the input! I’m copying your idea about keeping stuff as text files Narius, because I can back them up in several different places and they take up next to no space - nice one. :slight_smile:

Sharing this because it looks pretty sweet:

I use a Filofax for my main diary because I like the ability to order pages in any way I choose, and to print my own inserts to any design I like, and then reading that blog I realised if I make an A4 foldout page I can make quick notes on it to tell me what spirits I interacted with that day, keywords for any UPG and so on - two months per side, means I can quickly scan 4 months at a time to check for patterns, progressions, and so on, instead of trying to read my spider-crawl handwriting on every journal page.

This could be completely close to the perfect system for me, I already have a Word document template that allows me to paste in stuff so it formats to print in 2 A5 pages with the margins to fit the rings… might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think this is going to really work!

Wow - I didn’t realise Windows 7 has speech recognition as a standard feature - I usually keep a digital recorder on when I do astral stuff or invocations/evocations, then have to fuss about through long periods of silence to find the relevant bit! But then I just found this: Setting up the free SR software in W7.