How do you guys find the time to practice and study magick?

I am more interested in studying the classic and hidden grimoires, and a lot of the times these are 200+ pages.
I thought about joining a magickal society or coven, but I am not really in a place to devote a lot of time to it, and have the distance issue to deal with.

How do you guys make the time, and what do you guys do for a living? or just in general?
Am going to college right now, but still don’t have time time cause of school work.

You always make time for the things you want to do.


200 pages is nothing. They make you read that in college in like a week. If you want better memory for anything, you have to tell yourself why it’s important. You don’t study magick. You learn magick. It’s a skill. You don’t find time. You make time. There is so many times one have. Most waste them. How much time one go to social media? on the phone? games? texting ? frivolous socializing? etc… It’s all about priorities


Most of us are full-on busy. Try joining the 5am club. Do your most important things first every day.


You can’t save time. You can only spend it. Spend it wisely!

Get into Sigils. No deities, just you and your subconscious. Get a cheap Magickal Journal and keep (handwritten) notes. Learn chants or enns and start using these, when you’re walking the streets. Research and choose a banishing - then practice it until you feel the energy shift.



One other thing. Learn memory skills and recall skills as well as study skills. That will save you plenty time. If you can read a book in 1/3 the time you save 2/3 the time. I learn a skill called photoreading. Not an expert at it but it helps if you learn how to do that. I read 3000+ pages of book in 4-6 hrs on one subject Depression. I went to the library and borrow all the books they had on the subject. 15 book of about 200-300 pages each. I had to do a research paper on it. It’s a way to use whole brain to learn/study. If i read it word by word it would take longer. It’s about how to use the mind for efficient info retrieval and recall. Studying and learning isn’t about reading each word. It’s about info gathering. Of course it will be slow when you first learn it. however, brain gets better with use. It’s a skill and gets better after you create more connections. This photoreading method alone save me tons of time to learn things. Best study tool method to learn ever!! especially if your in college doing many research and many classes. Mind mapping is the other skill which is taught in the photoreading method. It teach you to organize stuff like a web so you can recall easier. It’s like filing system.


modern life make us think that everything is net but if you could go to nture and pnd some times in it reading and meditating

Great topic since I started dedicating myself to magick, I have been behind on some other things. It literally takes up 2 hours of my day each morning in ritual work.

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lol. I don’t know how you spend 2 hrs on a ritual? my ritual is not more than 30 mins at most. Most are less than 10 mins. Get in prep state magick mindset. relax. focus. look at sigil. ASk protection from angels or some words to invoke demon . say enn or demon name few to several time. put in request with emotion if possible. tell gift and ask them to leave. That’s it.

U must be doing some long ass ritual. Lots of the rituals from the GOM books are short.

I wonder if i’m not doing enough. hahaha lol =o) :man_shrugging:


I only read about the things i’m interested it and leave the rest , for example i have no interest in baneful , spirit lover, astral travel , etc… at the moment! so you have to prioritise based on your interests, there is way too much to learn and practice!

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It is true, most rituals are simple and take 10 mins or less to do, especially since full evocations are not always necessary.

15 minutes of meditation twice a day too.

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I use technology and folk magic most of the time because there is generally a low setup up time and I can get consistent results out of it. When I do use rituals, they are on the shorter and less formal side or partially automated.

200 pages is light reading for me. I can go through that in an hour and get the general gist of the book. I do want to put my ebooks in a local search engine for reference soon.


If you can get in a ritual every day, say, ten minutes at least, you’ll be able to wire your brain for magic, and the magic will find you. You’ll notice little miracles everywhere.

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I practice direct magick or energy manipulation which can be done without fancy tools and books wrote by random people. It’s just a matter of moving my energy around internally and externally to create constructs, scan people and objects, manifest events, etc. so it can be done while even working, showering, walking, so forth.