How do you get simple yes or no answers with tarot

So I did my first tarot reading today concerning a ritual done on my behalf,which was actually aimed at my clairvoyance,and the reading was spot on about what was going on.But I would like to know any methods of asking yes/no questions without using an entire spread.Any advice on technique would be appreciated as always.

PS:I’m not wanting to use this for bets.I want to be able to get quick answers to my own personal questions.Or anyone else’s for that matter.

TWF has a thread on this.

Are trump cards another term or major arvana another term for court cards? Or are the court cards the aces,knights,princesses etc.?I have a Thoth Deck and that’s all they’re refered to as.

I’ll let TWF answer this question, as I’m not experienced in tarot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the two methods I’ve used and know to be more accurate than just guessing. Accuracy has ranged from 50-70%

[quote="-TWF-, post:1, topic:1906"]I’ve been working with some different methods of doing a yes/no question with the Tarot. The best method I have found is shuffle the cards while meditating on the question. Then with your hand on the deck as if you were about to cut the deck intuitively feel where to stop and cut the cards. The card on the bottom of the cut is your answer. If the card is a positive card the answer is a yes if the card is a negative card the answer is no. If he card is a court card use the qualities that card represents to give you the answer.

The problem I have had the most is with court cards as they have many different traits and can be easily misinterpreted. Keep a journal of your predictions and the card drawn to help clear up this confusion. Thought I would share this with you guys.

Lady Eva shared this method, I’ve had about 60-80% accuracy with it

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:9, topic:1906”]Apologies if you already know this (I’m new and haven’t read the archives yet) but the website offers a Y/N reading, in which you draw 7 cards from the major & minor arcanas, having first removed the Wheel of Fortune, you then shuffle the 7 cards & the Wheel, and lay them in four positions, in this order: Yes, Yes Maybe, No Maybe, No.

The position where the Wheel turns up is the answer, and there’s always useful info to be gleaned from the cards in the other 3 positions, especially if you do just a little clairvoyant gazing over the cards, so if you asked “Will I get this major new promotions” and the answer was "“Yes, Maybe” but then your “No” position held the Fool you might see what person or aspect of your own personality of situation you could look at, for example (not a very good one! lol) - and the myriad of other ways of reading the cards as well, eg if your question is about some new romonatic interest and loads of a certain suite or type of card keep turning up, and so on.

Anyway that’s how they handle it, it costs like $3.50 I think per reading from them, I’ve been using that site for about 7 or 8 years now (sheer laziness like buying a take-out meal) and never had a reading steer me wrong, including on some pretty serious stuff, and I did a few Y/N readings on that format with my own pack and they were also accurate.[/quote]

Both methods have proven to be more accurate on game day when betting on sports but the method Eva shared is far more easy as it leaves out any room for interpretation.

I’m looking into different methods not using tarot (pendulum, domino oracle etc.) and will share when I find something worth sharing.

Trumps are the Major Arcana fool, magus, priestess etc., the court cards are princess, prince, queen and Knight in the Thoth deck. The ace through 10 of each suit is the minor and are sometimes called pips.

Thanks for the info TWF.I’ll try doing some readings on some questions I know the answer and solution to and see if it’s accurate.

How do you spread the cards in Lady Eva’s method?And it mentions seven cards but only 6positions.

There are 8 cards and four postions. The cards are the Wheel of Fourtune and 7 other cards. And the postions are Yes, Yes maybe, No maybe, and No.

I just used this reading and it gave me some good insights on the Yes/No answer.

You will end up with 4 piles of two cards per pile.

Thanks that makes more sense.I’ll try it when I get off work.

You use a pendulum :slight_smile:

Since he wanted the answers with tarot he’d have to hang a card by a string.

Is the pendulum all that reliable though? I’ve never used one but I have used a ouija board which is pretty much hit and miss.From my experience I believe you could either be tapping into the spirit world or receiving answers from your own sub-conciouse.Also if you DO contact a spirit there’s no way to tell who or what it is.

IMO the pendulum is easily thrown off by the subtitle movements of the hand. I got the a pendulum to answer “Yes” to the question of “do I have blonde hair” I am bald and if I did not bic my head it is brunette.

@ -TWF- you gave me an idea man. I am gonna hang the Death card from a sting and offer people at my university pendulum readings. Hahaha ahhh no more coffee for me today.

The method’s the invention of Mary K. Greer, a lady with enormous knowledge on tarot, and it looks like she created it then licensed it to, where I saw it (and used it lots of times over the past few years) - just want to clear that up because tarot’s not my main skill, and I certainly didn’t create it so don’t want to accidentally be getting the credit for someone else’s hard work. :slight_smile:

I use it a lot, the thing to remember is the answers (tiny muscle movements that make it swing) are coming from somewhere, probably somewhere inside your own body-mind/soul/spirit etc, BUT the big question is, where?

For example, the answers could be coming from your desire to prove it wrong (not saying that was what happened in your example Orismen, but could’ve been) or in another case, from the user’s more deeply buried wishful thinking/denial mechanisms - the part we all have that makes the morbidly obese guy with the heart bypass think another triple cheeseburger can’t do him THAT much harm, to give you an example of a layer we all have to some extent (no magick needed) that can fuck us up when it comes to decision making.

In other words, it could just be telling you what you wish on some level to hear the most.

Getting that crap out the way has been the work of years for me, and I don’t think I’m especially all that screwed up to begin with, so those are all things to factor in when using this.

You COULD consecrate your pendulum (and therefore the entire act and intention of using it) to your HGA/higher self/whatever, to give you the answers that are in your own best interest - and if you use it much, you’ll start knowing when a pendulum reading is giving “meh”-type answers, or just idly swinging and not going in any one direction, or you could consider consecrating it to another being e.g., Thoth, to grant you knowledge.

I’m interested in it as a tool because 1. you can carry it anywhere, I used to use a bracelet with a charm at one end I wore all the time, and 2. because the answers are mediated by my own muscles to be shown in the pendulum, I figure it might be a good way to internalise divination, and I have in fact got accurate results just “imagining” what it would do, or holding my hand out and “feeling” where it would swing a pendulum.

IMO it’s an underrated tool, but then again it doesn’t have the depth of meaning carried by tarot or runes, so I can see why it’s not always highly regarded compared to those.

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I just want to thank Eva again for sharing that yes no method. I put that shit through its paces over the last day or two doing multiple readings over the same question and if it did not change from the initial answer. It has my seal of approval for whatever that is worth.