How do you feel towards Unitarian groups

Same way I feel towards any group that preaches peace and love. They’re hypocrites. They always have some prejudice towards someone or some group.

Besides, I don’t know how there can really be Unitarianism. It seems like the idea is to combine all religions. Trust me. That’s not going to work. You may be able to mesh religions or spiritual beliefs of a certain category (Abrahamic or oriental for example), but it usually comes to one religion dominating the rest and simply pretending to be united.

In my experience in attending UU services, they do their blending very well with no one belief dominating. I believe personally that their ideals of peace and harmony are naive. But their religious practice is sound and on accordance with what they preach.

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I call myself a “Universal Spiritualist” when i’m online because i feel that ALL paths if practiced correctly can help you. But outside i never let any of that on, and when asked i simply say “I like to keep an open mind”.
When a person or a group are always SAYING that they are for peace and love they are usually for the opposite. I mean if you are for peace and love then stop going on about it and live it.
It is like when christians say that they have a duty to preach the gospel, they may be preaching it but are they living it? Chances are the answer is a big fat no.

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