How do you evaluate if someone is a good tarot reader?

How do you know if someone is a good tarot reader or not?
Their prices are cheaper than other readers but they also live in a part of the world where the cost of living is much less (I think)

Also, I can ask him 9 questions, what do you ask? Do they need to be specific or general.

I would like to know what spiritual path is best for me
I would like to know if I have an energy blockage, need to do Shadow work, or have a vampire or Karmic Debt or just what the hell is wrong with me.

Is there like a Tarot reading for newbies handout or something. So I know what to ask and so I know if he is any good at what he does?

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Okay, here is a long reply. Coming from someone who was a professional reader, here is what I would consider traits that a “good” reader has:

1.) General knowledge of their cards. While everyone has their own interpretations and context on the spread can alter it slightly, there are common themes that everyone does agree with in each card.

2.) Giving the client room to talk. Only half of the reading comes from the reader’s interpretation. The other has to come from the client and many of the good ones will ask their clients questions during the reading in order to get the client engaged (not fishing for information as some may believe). A tarot reading is much like a ritual in itself with the reader serving as a guide, not the master of the experience.

  1. cutting out the bs. There are going to be cards that are uncomfortable to talk about, as life is full of messy situations. There may be some things that promote fear in the client (the devil card being a great example). It is the reader’s responsibility to be honest and help the client through the more difficult parts of a reading if they emerge (while still being tactful about it).

4.) Good reviews from clients. At the end of the day, people have to enjoy the experience and hopefully find something helpful out of it. If a reader has multiple reviews of being rude or snarky, probably best not to waste your money.

This is just a list I go by when I purchase readings from another (sometimes I need to get out of my own head and I just enjoy the experience to be honest) and does not apply to divination swaps or allowing people to practice on me. I work hard for my money and have to be selective with how I spend it at the end of the day, nothing personal.

As for your questions, if you were my client, I probably would ask you to boil them down to one. Unless he is using you for practice, telling a client to ask for multiple questions is pretty unusual as that could get pretty murky if trying to read it all in one spread. All of yours relate to spirituality so it would probably be best to ask what is going on in the spiritual aspect of your life (basically, turning it into a general question to fulfill the sheer scope of information you are looking for). Then the reader can go through something like the Celtic cross spread and likely find things that relate to the other questions ( such as obstacles could relate to what you may want to look at with shadow working, which is something everyone can benefit from). It is a topic you’ll likely want to keep reexamining at so you may want to invest in a deck and learn to read yourself if you enjoy tarot


Wow. That was very helpful. It was also a lot of work for you. So thanks.

Can readings be done via Skype, this person lives in another country.
Also, I have no way of knowing who has worked with him.
He/She is a member here at BALG, but I don’t understand Tarot or most other divination sort of things so I have no idea if he is good or not from looking at his posts.
the forum has no “trusted vendor” list, so he/she doesn’t show up on that

(I am trying to avoid using their name because I don’t want to start any sort of controversial/adversarial situation if people have differing opinions or something like that) I am not sure what BALG etiquette is around this sort of situation

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It’s fine not to mention any names, I am not here to step on anyone’s side business. I was just sharing some pointers both as a reader and as a client that I look for. They are certainly not requirements. In the end, it is your choice entirely and you may very much enjoy the reading. So, if it is something you want to do, go for it.

No one really understands a system of divination without taking the time to study it. It really is one of those “you get what you give” kind of things. If it something you are interested in learning yourself, by all means dive into it. I put that on the list because you can tell how knowledgable someone is on a subject by asking questions or looking at how confident they are, but it may just be something geared for me than anyone else.

And readings over distance via Skype is not a problem at all

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THis is what they plan on doing:

“I can offer you my version of rahddue’s wheel spread. this reading uses all the cards of the tarot deck, and its used to solve karmic burdens, and past lives issues.
it also answer up to 9 specific questions you might have. And it sheds light over your unconscious behavior.”

THey said it could take from1 - 3 hours and it is done better over video call.

Does all that sound right

That’s quite a feat. I cannot really comment too much on his version of that particular spread but the fact they mentioned it is a good sign (most tend to fall on one or two spreads for professional readings, such as the Celtic cross, as it is what client expects. This shows that they have more knowledge on the subject than expected). Using the entire deck would take about that long and it does make asking more than one question more logical. Looks good from my angle

OK, I am going to go forward with this.

It costs about 64 dollars US, the reader is from South America.

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That is a really good deal, I used to charge $50 for an hour and I was the cheapest in my area. For the extend they are going, it easily could’ve gotten to $75 to $100 on my end.

Tarot are too subjective to “evaluate” if they’re a good tarot reader tbh, everyone is still learning when they tarot read and everyone reads based on either their intuition or because they have an entity helping them do readings, among other things.

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