How do you establish a physical relationship (Sex) with a succubus?

Okay…so I was just curious, since entities don’t have any physical body how do they have sex with humans other then in dreams?
And is this is as intense as normal sex?

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Many spirits can create a body that’s tangible, that can touch you, and be touched.

You need extreme focus, faith in yourself and the spirit, and (IMO) to be just a little bit crazy, for this to work.


ever tried binding one to you?? making your spiritual energy intertwine? (already a kind of intercourse) maybe then you may start feeling things.

another pointer, give yourself over to the sensation? alot of magicians are told “keep your defenses or up you’ll be swept away” but when it comes to having sex with a spirit…you have no choice if you actually want to feel things.

go through a goddess. to make sure you don’t wind up with an absolutely PSYCHOTIC companion, maybe you should go seek the matchmaker.
i happen to know a certain spirit that knew me in a past life…she is QUITE insane(loves raping children, especially little boys.). but will only obey ME since she is madly in love with my soul.

just a few things to think about, GOOD LUCK!


How can you ask a Lilith for succubus companion in a gentle and ritualistic way?


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This sounds really familiar to my love life with a certain girl only thing is both of us can’t quite know which one of us is worse

Hi John
Read Lady Eva’s reply. She is right. From my experience I clearly feel touches…but not over the skin but inside the layer of skin…this has been explained well by Succupedia…he has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. I haven’t still achieved a full experience of physical intimacy but twice or thrice I have felt being made love to ( as in the physical sensation) with Belial ( whom I am married to) and with my incubi partner as well. I could not hold it long enough because of distractions…(I live with a human spouse and a kid)
But it feels very real and physical…it gets better I think when you establish a relationship with them. They respond better.