How do you destroy selfharming thoughtform

If some of you have not seen my previous threads in short: me and my brother got both attacked by a voodoo curse and send spirits. This has been dealt with and it is gone. But, we still feel physical symptoms of the attack. We both think this is a thought-form we created because the attack lasted for a while. I personally do not sense any “real” being or entity on me and several readers have said the same thing. The more we think about it the stronger it gets. We both got the same symptoms. It feels the same as a parasitic entity. But way stronger and more physical. I can feel a heavy pressure on my chakras. And feel touches everywhere. After banishing, playing mantras and doing meditations. I can feel it leaving but it never goes “fully” off of me. How would we need to fix this if this is indeed a thought-form? I’ve done self reflection and cleared inner blockages, i also evoked marbas and asked him to heal our aura wich made me feel better, but did not fix it (i thought this was because of a leak of our aura).

Banishing rituals.


I’ve got a feeling Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as “tapping”) will help here:



You’re starting to sound like me. I was going to post what you posted.



Throw this in for good measure

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I’ve done multiple banishing rituals didn’t seem to go fully away. I’ve not tried all of them ofcourse. What banishing rituals do you recommend?

master protection ritual from damon brand book,

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Extreme cleaning and order in the house, in the corners should be vinegar and salt, a lemon with 3 big nails in IT renew every 3 days, one limpia with the egg every 7 days, lots of banishing and sage every day. Close working with a protective spirit or deity like Goddess Isis for example


I heard good things from this

A full Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or Jason Miller’s Hecate Banishing from his book Protection and Reversal Magick.

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Exorcise it from you (try not to alert it to what you’re doing) and then dissolve it.

So you could summon Pazuzu to exorcise you and your brother in your sleep, and then have someone else summon Murmur once the thoughtform is out to dissolve it.

Or you could exorcise yourselves while you’re in a trance - check out the search function for beings who can exorcise you, but summon Murmur in the same ritual to be ready to dissolve the thoughtform as soon as it’s exorcised from you.

Hope that makes sense.

But I’m hearing “Amaymon” being spoken while I’m typing this so you might want to check him out for some reason.

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