How do you create psi balls?

I am thinking of pairing up conscious visualizations with psi balls to create visible energy balls. I just dont know how to create psi balls. Has anyone successful created one that could affect real objects?

Basically you just hold your hands about an inch apart until you feel a push and pull effect. Then you can move them further apart as the energy increases… later on you’ll learn how to control these energy flows easier

You can also do a quick chakra charge and send the increased energy down your arms, into your hands to increase the power and density of the ball with the method necro mentions. You can also name the ball something simple and enclose a thoughtform in it to throw at a particular area or etheric field. Once it’s established in an area, you can just charge it from time to time with the original intent and call it by the name you gave it.

Interesting this is mentioned. I have been attempting the same thing except I have been focusing on manifesting visible light.

Visualization coupled with channeling. Like what the two previous posters mention. Try condensing the energy (You gotta feel man!) into a compact space between your palms and expanding the field at the same time.