How do you create a ritual that forces you to shapeshift?

Hey there this is Rr and i was wondering how would you go about having your body shapeshift without your input? I am a therian and was wondering if there was a way to force myself to increase my shifting energy, or to just use my energy to force my body to shapeshift?
Thank you

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Have you or anyone you know attempted the methods described in that grimoire?


are we talking skin walkers or like Sirius Black in Harry Potter turning into a dog etc???

skinwalkers are monsters or witches that can change into other animals would be cool if I could change into my spirit animal would love to be the crow flying around eating garbage and pooping on cars

into animals other people or mythical creatures like dragons unicorns etc???

You can change into anything with intense dedication in the book mthos morphosephram by William wraithe. But there are a few rules and mythical creatures often get fucked in your subconscious so it comes out weird looking(ex: try to be dragon and come out as a weird bird lizard with uncontrollable pooping or something). He’s also coming out with an instant transformation way soon to eliminate the long expensive rituals. Anyway make sure to buy the book becuz if you don’t pay you’ll get cursed bad


I plan to try it when he comes out with an easier ritual.

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uncontrollable pooping :poop:

Haha thats an example of bad stuff that could happen if u fuck up the extensive rituals or if ur subconscious fucks it for u. In the book he also gives a vague explanation of how if you do it u might lose everything you love, which u would think he’d talk more about but eh

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I believe this is the latest edition of the book.

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This discussion probably deserves its own thread; I’ll go ahead and make one.

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I’ve heard so much about this book (MTHOS by William Wraithe), and have read it myself. Interestingly, nobody ever talks about results they’ve had with it, only the lore around it. Whether it’s the curse he put out there, or the fact that it’s one of the only of it’s kind.

There is good information in the book in my opinion, but I wouldn’t go through it the way he set it up. I don’t see why nobody has any real information on physical shapeshifting. It’s like nobody believes in it, and those that do don’t have anything to say about what happens after. TBH, the effects and trials in the book by Wraithe are exactly what you might expect from a fan fiction book on the topic of lycanthropy with a hint of occultism. If you look at his other books, they are mostly compendiums rather than grimoires.

My focus isn’t on shifting right now, but I think the only way to go about shifting is to contact a spirit that can teach you how. It would be awesome if someone did this and reported results. Gods below know we need some real accounts and experience in the occult community.


Skin Walkers are shifters but most definetly not human lol.
These are basically the boogie men of some Native American myths. It’s hard to find decent material on them though because they get mixed in with Lycanthropy.

Dude, you continue to amaze in your oddball style.

You never cease to amuse…