How do you consecrate items?

So I couldn’t find much about consecration in the search bar so is there any insight someone has on how to do this?


My method is to cleanse it with pure water, then anoint it with oil, and perhaps throw in an incantation.
I use sunflower oil due to religious reasons (Light being considered holy, so a flower that literally does nothing but bathe in sunlight all day was perfect pick), but a good alternative would be olive oil.

See, that is just the basics, cleanse first, anoint after, you can add a lot to make it more personal.

Adding a nice incantation, as mentioned, would direct the intention nicely, or you could do a chant.

I also do not use any consecrated items for anything but their designated function, a ritual knife is not to be used as anything but a ritual knife, as an example.


Thank you!

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I did this too

The consecration of altars and tools for your altar all depend on if you are on the left hand path or the right hand path of magick imo as they require different types of energy

I do mantras, visualizations And put alcohol

What kind of examples for LHP? I dont do “holy” water or things.

TBH, I use smoke. I stopped using sage as it removes all spirits in my belief. I use incense smoke and if its love work, rose water. I have rain water that Ive charged in the sun. I keep forgetting to charge moon water xD :upside_down_face:


Intention is stronger than smoke. Believing in your cleansing of it. When all else fails, remember not everyone can use worldly things so passing your hands in intent and meditation can facilitate your desire to cleanse.

Iirc, I recieved this technique from an old buddy. I believe he is also on here.

Visualize the energy as a liquid and just dip the item you want to consecrate in the liquidized energy. Keep doing this until you feel that the item is completely consecrated.
It’s worked for me.

I’m also experimenting with sunlight and moonlight. I’ve been leaving an item out side, resting in an area I set up for consecration. I’ve not gone to get it yet, but I suspect the results will be good. I nobody as messed with it.

There are several methods , you’d have to google then and see which works for your purposes , try putting a marking that represents a certain spirit on said item and the item will be blessed by that spirit .

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salt water, white sage, sandalwood. and a drop of ur blood or a personal sigil to enhance the sympathetic bond with the object.