How do you close a sigil?

Sorry I’m this question has been asked but I didn’t find a straight forward answer too, too easily from my search but I was sort of wondering if you can close a sigil without burning it? I heard they don’t like that and I just sort of want to avoid that if I can, for different reasons depending on the sigil.

Can you store it away somewhere and consider it closed or are there other ways to close sigils?

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sigils work based on the energy fed to them or the attention put into them, sigils don’t require closing more of they just require not putting energy into them anymore.


So what if you forgot about them for over a year?

Also I had these sigils and I felt them as being open, when I moved them into a binder and said let us now consider these sigils closed, it reduced the feeling almost entirely, would that should that work? Maybe if I just stop thinking about it for a while it will feel close again?

Sigils are always open, but open doesn’t mean in use unless you supply them with energy or focus. However, if they’re programmed to always be active and take power from ambient energy or a specific source then you’d have to change that aspect of the programming.


how do you do that?
Like sort of how I just said or…?