How do you call/talk to Lord Lucifer

For two months i tried to invoke Lord Lucifer, i felt his presence and meditated to his enn with youtube meditation videos. I dont want to sound impatient but why doesn’t he speak to me?Am I unworthy or simply to dumb for him?

Have you opened your senses? Perhaps he is talking to you but you just can’t hear it…

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Look up Brian Scott on YouTube. His guided meditations have helped me open my astral senses immensely. My favorites are the “I am not my body, I am not my mind” and the infinite intelligence guided meditations.
Practice these meditations every day and you will see a difference in your invocations and rituals.


A lot of people here say that even if you can’t sense their presence, it’s best to continue the ritual. Like Ladysensei said, he is probably there, you just can’t sense it.


Try the 5 questions exercise; write down things you wish to know, leaving some space. Draw and “activate” a sigil of Lucifer by gazing at it, then read a question and write what comes to your mind.

Please search the forum for this, your question has already been answered.