How do you call a spirit when you don't know its name?

First time to open a magic book for me was Aug 2020. So many new and wild and crazy things to look at that I never heard of before.

I have noticed that most of the magic books are calling on spirits and gods of the Middle-East. I don’t live in the middle east. I live close to Los Angeles. It seems to me that I should be trying to work with Native American gods and spirits from the local area. (you could say untapped potential of spirits that are getting bored) How would I go about contacting a local god, if I don’t know its name… our European ancestors did a good job of destroying all the sacred texts of the Native Americans

Where you live doesn’t really matter, you should also note that native americans didn’t originate from the americas, so it’s quite possible they brought over their Gods with them too very similar to how the Loa was brought over to the americas and parts of Europe by various africans.

Where you reside does not matter what Gods you work with, Gods are not limited to nations and towns, you work with who you choose to work with and many native american Gods are based on tribe to tribe and often didnt have solid names but rather were more of an animist view so their Gods and spirits were the very rocks, water, trees, air, and the likes given life.