How do you accept your psychic gifts and stop blocking them out?

I’ve seen some things, and they were incredibly upsetting. I can see visions, that play in my mind’s eye.
Some things came to pass that I know of. I feel responsible for them (that’s how I FEEL) even though my logical mind says different.
I want to work on my gifts, of precognition and clairvoyance but sometimes what I see frightens me.
How do I get over this? I don’t want to block out them.

Thanks for your replies, I eagerly anticipate them.


My advice would be to start putting a little structure around the phenomenon you’ve been experiencing. First I’d say start writing these visions down in a journal. This way you can check back to see what was prophetic and what wasn’t. Also it will help you notice patterns in the phenomenon such as time of the month, phase of the moon ect.

This is a way of exploring your gift and embracing it.

Fear, denial, a feeling of being responsible for bad things, these all seem to be a knee jerk reaction. Keep an open mind and go with it.


You carnt, no matter how hard you try…you are what you are my friend. Hard lesson to learn! But a lesson worth understanding. X


Yea, I’ve been there and sometimes I still go through moments of wanting to run away from my craft because of it. But truthfully, no matter how hard or fast I run This is who I am and there is no way around it. I could gouge out my eyes and cut off my ears and it would change nothing. I’ve known when people were going to die/died and I’ve overheard conversations word for word (this is confirmed by a person who I heard speaking) from miles and miles away, I’ve seen a lot and felt even more.

It’s been this way ever since I can remember although it’s been growing since then too. When a close friend passed away a little while ago I was so angry that I didn’t read it in the cards I pulled. I should have maybe, in retrospect. But it’s so easy to see what we want to after the fact. I didn’t read cards or hold ritual for over a month aside from lighting a candle at the one month mark. I thought, of all the bullshit things these fucking spirits have told me None of Them could have told me to tell him to watch the fuck out.

There have been days I’ve told my boyfriend to stay home and he tells me the next day there was a robbery nearby or a friend he wanted to hang out with saw a shooting across the street, or the beach he was invited to was lined with motorcycle accidents (he would have gone on one) and the like. Friends (spirits) told me about these things or I saw them. So why the fuck couldn’t they have told me what was going to happen? So I’ve resented knowing things because what good is it if I can’t have what I want.

But the truth is, whether I open my arms and embrace it, or turn my back and blind myself I am who I am and this is me. I can’t outrun this. So most of the time, it’s best to make the most of it. To do magick when I can/want and to work with it to have what I want. Through anger and happiness, magick is so deeply a part of me.


Thanks, guys. I enjoyed reading everyone’s post and it really helped!