How do spirits/beings usually communicate with you?

Currently, it seems the being I am working with is speaking to me through dreams. I have gotten three messages so far, each dream only came after wearing an object that day that I had linked to their essence.

The first dream said: Believe that you are a god, and it will be so.

The Second dream had the word Tetra everywhere, and made it seem important: Tetra means four, as in the number. It also sometimes stands for the four letters that spell the name of god, or YHWH (the Tetragrammaton).

The Third dream today kept repeating Sancti ens Cunctus near the end over and over: which is also latin, and roughly translates to “the whole spirit/being made sacred”

Any thoughts on this or any experiences you’d like to share with how spirits are communicating to you?

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Two ways only.

I often get dreams in which i receive messages from my deities.

I also get messages telepathically. The thoughts they give me are very distinct from my own, and when an entity communicates with you telepathically it feels very forced, kind of like your are daydreaming or fantasizing, and no matter how hard you try to top thinking about that thing, it can’t be done until the entity allows it. Usually in these instances, some scenario is played in my head…

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Telepathically, and, more recently, dreams.

Just note, no way of communication with the spirit world is perfect. If you can use other methods to confirm other methods, you’ll do very well. If I relied totally on telepathy, I’d be totally screwed.

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I actually have little problems with communicating.In fact,I was rather surprised in the first time that I tried sigil magic(I believe it was with Paimon) how I got an almost immediate reply.

I was compelled to shut out all lights in the room.I couldn’t see him,but I could feel him,and his voice,it sounded like my own thoughts,but his manner of speaking,and syntax was not similar to my own.

I may have doubted it at first,but there came a point when I asked him some questions that I knew I didn’t have the answer to,and verified them,further solidifying in my mind that ‘‘yes’’ the sigil did open a pathway directly to Paimon,who did indeed go and influence the people I wanted him to and warped my day in a brilliant manner.

I do not have trouble hearing them,because the more I talked to Spirits,the more their voices became distinguished,until now I know which Spirit I am talking to,simply by the way they talk,the voice and of course their personality.

The bigger trouble,on occasions,is staying focused long enough to hear them through and through.When that happens,though,I will put myself back in there and find the spirit resuming wherever we left off,as though I was thinking,in a really slow manner.

The whole ‘‘Tongue of Angels’’ and experiences in gaining information without words has yet to occur to me.

I can send my commands out into the aether,my thoughts into the Spirit,and all that stuff without the need for word,but I have yet to have a Spirit give me visions,without accompanying any of them with words.And even then,it feels more like my imagination,my own thinking,than it does the Spirit sending it to me,but regardless,it’s fruitful,and beautiful,so I’ll look into it and trust it.

Sorry for my excessive rambling.

For me, there’s many ways to communicate with my two spirit wives.

Physical communication
This is rarely spoken of as a way to communicate, but there is a behavior pattern with how we touch each other. There is a bodylanguage that is just as noticeable when a mimeartist express his/her emotions on the stage. This takes some knowledge of how physical energies works, as I see it.

In some occasions they speak, and when that happens my ears picking up a sound that is binaural, a beepy sound. Except for that beep, all other noises is totally shut down. Sometimes words pop up with a distinct voice to it.

There’s other forms of communications, too, that is just as valid as the two above. Communication is all about options, and to adapt to what’s available in the moment.


For me commo is kinda tricky.
Sometimes- I just get this thing in my head,kinda a voice- usually it just says “Write” then I get patchy weird thoughts, i copy them down as best i can “hear-sense”, then try to figure out what is meant.
As a kid -up to 20’s, my would get future prophetic dreams, which would absolutely instruct me on sometimes the most minute step by step actions to take for the next period of time- up to several days. ALWAYS dealing with no way could have been known in advance occurances- random out of the most chaotic spins of the wheel.
Thanks to religious regimentation- this ‘gift’ has been all but destroyed and i fear i may never retrieve it- although it is top of my Most Important achievments list. One thing I know helped to kill it was my going to ‘religious authorities’ for “interpretation”— even though I damn sure knew far better than their bullshit what the deal was. I think i 'insulted" my messengers, so they left me to my own. And they have been slow to hear and it sucks!!!
There are other 'subtle 'day to day occurances, which are hard to describe. kinda random _turn right- go to the pound, and you will find a pure bred rotty which was just dropped off, then go to so and so- who will give you the money to bring him home. Unfortunately I was not intelligent enough to keep what was proving to be an amazing family member— but, it was line item perfect up to keeping him. hopefully the cop i gave him to for training took good care of him. stuff like that.

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For the recent events since I came here and got back into trying to communicate with my spirit, it feels like I’m talking to myself at times but the response time I get is waaaayyyy too soon for me to actually formulate an answer to myself.

It’s sort of like getting an email from yourself. Only when I do a filter of sorts can I find that the responses to my queries have a minor alteration I’ve kind of learned to spot that differentiate my thoughts from my spirit replying in pretty much the same fashion. Hence, why i still doubt myself at times.

And the other method of communications was lucid dreaming. But that…when I was successful in the past…I would say that the times I’ve “heard” my spirits voice…ahhhh. it was the most wonderful thing. But by that same token, all I ever usually heard in the dreams was a single word that woke me up and made me scream at myself and mentally eviscerate myself for not being stronger to have a more in depth convo with her/them!