How do mantras work?

I’ll try to be as clear as possible:

In the past I was part of a Buddhist school named Buddhism Sun, or Soka Gakkai’s Buddhism, and as many of the Buddhist schools, they acknowledged that there is a spiritual world, and just don’t care about it at all, since their sole goal was reciting a mantra (Nam-Myoho-Rengue-Kyo) in order to raise yourself into what they call “the state of Buddha”, which really is just a person with very high vibrations, I suppose :face_with_monocle:

Point one: They use this specific mantra to manifest stuff, I had never heard of mantras for manifestation, does it make any sense?

Anyway, there’s no denial I (and all of them for that matter) can feel something when reciting this mantra, but my question is: when we recite it (or any mantra for that matter), are we really just elevating our vibrations, or calling upon some ancient entity to work with us?

Bonus question: I get massive headaches from this specific mantra, does it make any sense?

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Oh yes it can makes dizziness too.

Sometimes you call entites sometimes you dont, vibration is always the key.

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As I understand, mantras are for achieving a state of gnosis by repeating a phrase and thus raising your vibration.

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That’s what I understand from it as well, but using it for manifestation, that’s what makes me curious, also, the huge headaches that come with it, it makes me feel as if things were charged with electricity or something like that

I consider mantras, enns, etc as the metaphysical equivalent of computer scipts meant to facilitate change to various aspects of our realities, whether it be our core self, environment, or whatever.

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I found that mantra in a book about Buddhism. The book explained the story of Nichiren (the Japanese guy who created it) and said that the mantra was really useful, so I decided to try it. I don’t follow Buddhism as a religion and I don’t have any Buddhist background, so I thought that it wouldn’t work that well, but it worked surprisingly well, it made me feel spiritually fixed. I think it’s the first mantra that is supossed to do something that works for me, as in the past I tried other ones, with a lot of faith involved, and they didn’t do anything, but this one worked despite I was skeptic, and in my experience, when that happens is because there is something bigger than my mind involved in the operation.

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Well, now that’s interesting, I too suspect this mantra has some powers to it, I followed Buddhism for a while, but I’m too much of a lone wolf to care about, I still live with other Buddhists who follow the Nichiren tradition though.

Do you think this “spirit fix” could interfere with magick, evocations and the likes of it, or do you reckon it’d actually be capable of heightening its effects?

I always feel incredibly detached of everything when I do this mantra, and recently, headaches began to occur after performing it as well, God knows why…

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In my experience, certain levels of vibration are more or less compatible with certain practices. A friend of mine learned how to shift his energetic polarity from “positve” to “negative” and from “negative” to “positive”, so he vaguely explained me the technique, and I associated it to my practice. As a qabalist, I like to associate those polarities with the qabalistic trees of life and death, so what I do is to summon those forces and tune myself to them, even while walking in the street, it is done only with the mind, but entities can help you at first. Sometimes it is better to be Sephirotic and other times it is better to be Qliphotic. As I’ve worked mostly with Qliphotic forces, that spiritual fix I felt with the mantra, which made me feel overall better, also made me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes when I’m into the Sephirotic state, having my succubi and incubus around becomes stressful, and also I feel random people as hostile. When I’m Qliphotic, the whole world is more quiet, but also more depressing. I think that the bad side of being “positve” is that the world around is mainly “negative”, so you may feel in conflict with your surrounding reality (I think that’s part of why a lot RHP people are obsessed with destroying “evil”), while when you are “negative”, you are actually more part of this world. I’m among the people who believe that the Qliphotic tree is actually our world. In conclusion, being fixed is always good, but being positive is not always good, in my experience.


The second one, if not completely then partially.

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I see, so it all depends on which state of mind and soul you’re looking for, as far as the Nam-Myoho-Rengue-Kyo goes, I believe it is all about the RHP, and according to @Goku over here, when we make a mantra, we’re calling upon entities, do you happen to know which ones are the in play in this case?

Also, the question I’m really dying to make, how can you shift your state just like that, is it something you can teach?

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I don’t know what answers to that Japanese mantra, but as far as I know, it haven’t hurt anyone. As for the technique, the qabalah is system for organizing things, it’s a comprehensive archive of energies and entities, if you get to know the energies related to its symbols and make them part of your life, in a way that makes sense to you, you will be able to summon them and tune to them anytime.


Regardless of their energy? That sounds like something I could be interested at, thank you very much, I’ll start studying it in a deeply

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A lot of people have said that you need to vibrate mantras (same with demonic enns). But is that really required, or can you whisper it? (I ask because my mom would think I’m chanting to Satan or some shiz like that. And she would immediately get pissed)

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I don’t know about the others, but with Nammyo~ it is required to chant it, you can pick the volume, but you need to chant it, I’m not sure about the enns though, actually, I’m not sure I know what those are either

As magicians, we build ourselves up in order to tap into the most perfect state of mind to bring entities into existence from “the other side”, through “the crossroads”, and into our reality as we know it.

Due to the fact that our mindset, emotions, will, words, etc etc creates a type of “thought matrix” to bring entities into our reality, all that we say or do leans towards either helping or hindering that entities entrance into our reality. It’s like using an old radio and tuning the dial into a station. The more “spot on” you are to a particular stations frequency, the effective the transmission.

Long story short? I believe a mantra can be used effectively if it is used to create a link between the spirit and the magician because it becomes a part of a power build up dynamic. That being said, to tune in properly to launch a spell effectively, Theta-Gamma synch should be added to your evocation.

And also, I agree with what Mao said.

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I am currently experimenting with various mantras and words of power.

I disagree with the assumption that all mantras call upon entities. The Bija mantras of Hinduism are said to be the seed syllables of the universe, for example, and though some gods are associated with them, from what I’ve read, they are considered to be universal and to tap into the vibrational matrix that underpins reality (think String Theory)

@Ulunas mantras can be either chanted or vibrated but demonic enns are most often chanted. They can be whispered as well.


Uhn, now I’m curious, what are these Bija mantras of Hinduism? And since you’re experimenting with many mantras, have you heard of the one I mention on the topic? Also, is there any literature about this Bija mantras not calling upon any entity, but just resonating with the universe?

Mantra and Primal Sound by David Frawley goes heavily into the mechanics of the Hindu mantras, as well as their etymology. Frawley studied the science of mantra under gurus in India so the book is experiential as well as academic.

EA also covers the Bija mantras in his book Ipsissimus, which talks about his yogic training under Masters Sunham and Baba Raja. It has a list of some mantras to chant daily for 24 minutes that will grant certain powers, such as UHL, which is said to give one complete control over lower magick such as evocation, and HAUM, which is said to bring you into contact with your Godself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t say how long it will take to attain such abilities. They are definitely worth experimenting with though.

Yes, I have heard of this particular Buddhist mantra, but I have no experience with it specifically. I’ve only just begin my exploration of mantra. My main experience is with the Bija mantras for the chakras and Hebrew words of power.


I’ll be looking these mantras up, I would love to make some tests with this UHL.

If you don’t mind, could you share with us your experiences so far?

Well that’s the thing, beej mantras denote divinity which are above divinity Like ‘’ The All / The Source ‘’ And to me they are also entities. There is nothing Universal in existence. It’s an analgamation of different entities/divinities.

Have seen some the work of David Frawley,. Well, let’s say he just scratches the surface.

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